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Blackhead Removal Tools

Blackhead Removal ToolsRemoving the hard black tips of the glue clogging facial pores can be frustrating and difficult. There are many tools that can help with the process of blackhead extraction, but some of them come with a risk of damaging your sensitive facial tissues. It is best to combine blackhead removal tools with natural methods of blackhead extraction to achieve clear skin that is not overstressed. Soften or steam the skin before attempting to extract blackheads. Only remove a blackhead when the head has obviously popped out from under the surface of the skin and is ready to be removed. Squeezing or pressing on blackhead sites that are not yet ready to be removed can cause a skin infection because the toxins mixed with oil that cause blackheads can shoot down into the skin instead of shooting out like they are trying to.



Squeezing the skin too hard to remove a blackhead can cause bleeding and scarring. Use pointed tweezers to squeeze a blackhead from the pore. Purchase tweezers that are aligned to decrease the risk of squeezing accidents ending in skin damage.



The most well known tools to remove blackheads are tissues and fingers. Soften the skin, and cover both index fingers with tissue. Put your tissue covered fingers on each side of the blackhead, and gently push until the blackhead pops out of the pore. If the blackhead does not easily come out, do not continue prodding at the area because it can cause permanent skin damage.


Blackhead Removal Gun

The blackhead removal guns use a vacuum to literally suck the blackheads out of your pores. These plastic guns claim to be perfectly safe and effective, but when not used in conjunction with other blackhead removal methods they are largely ineffective at extraction, although they are often not powerful enough to harm the skin. Try steaming your face for 5 minutes before extracting blackheads with a vacuum gun for better results.


Metal Loop Extractors

Professional stainless steel blackhead extraction tools were meant to be used by professionals because they can badly damage and even scar your face. The tool has a metal loop on both ends that is pushed directly over the blackhead forcing it out of the pore. These tools can be found at any drugstore, and should only be used when the blackhead is ready to come out and should only be applied with very gentle pressure.


Double Spoon Extractors  

Spoon extractors are useful for large blackheads. A spoon extractor has two spoon shaped ends; one small end, and one large end with several holes of varying sizes. Removal with these tools is similar to the loop extractors, with pressure applied to the site until the blackhead is forced through the pore.


Blackhead Removal Strips  

These popular strips use a glue to rip the blackheads out of the pores. After wetting the strip, stick it to any area that needs blackhead control. Wait 10 minutes, and rip the strip from your face. Beware some people`s faces are sensitive to the force of these strips on their pores and it causes veins to become visible in the face.


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