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Behind the Crown: Beauty Secrets & Beauty Pageants

Behind the Crown: Beauty Secrets & Beauty PageantsBeauty pageants have been around for a long time and with each year the productions get bigger, the contestants get more gorgeous and the competition gets fiercer. Whether you love pageants or can’t stand them, it goes without saying that the ladies gracing the stage put a lot of time and effort - not to mention money - into accomplishing the finished product that will hopefully go on to win the crown. But you may be surprised to know how hard-core beauty pageant contestants are when it comes to looking flawless.


Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage. Whether it’s the swimsuit competition or evening gown, having a busty chest to show off (in good taste, of course) is essential. While some pageant contestants turn to breast implants, others turn to more temporary means. There are always gel implant inserts, comically known as “chicken filets” because of their shape. Gel implants are easily inserted into the bra or swimwear top to create the illusion of a fuller bust. Others manage to create instant cleavage by using duct tape. You heard right - duct tape. This method involves having the pageant contestant bending over at the waist. While holding her breasts, another person takes duct tape and wraps the first strip under the bust line. A second and third strip is applied in a curve to go underneath each breast (sort of like a cup) and the final piece is applied slightly underneath the first strip to act as reinforcement. This creates a homemade push up bra. To make the duct tape friendlier on the skin, it can be applied to a fuzzy towel first. This also helps when it comes to removing the duct tape later.


Extensions All the Way. Very rarely do beauty pageant contestants wear their natural hair in a beauty pageant. From hair extensions to full on lace front wigs, contestants opt for fake hair in order to give them more volume, more length and more oomph when onstage.


Butt Glue. Yes, there is such a thing. From butt glue to butt spray and double-sided tape, these products come into play when it’s time for the swimsuit competition. Such methods are used to prevent swimsuit bottoms from riding up while walking onstage. While double-sided tape is pretty obvious, butt spray and butt glue are special adhesives that are applied directly to the buttocks. Then the swimwear bottoms are strategically “glued” in place.


Smile! To get that perfect smile, teeth whitening services and products are a top method for pageant contestants. Some go as far as to mix cat litter (unused of course!) into their toothpaste in order to get a pearly white smile. Because constant smiling onstage can result in the lips getting stuck to the teeth, applying a light coating of petroleum jelly not only prevents this issue, it also makes the teeth appear shiny.


Spray It On. It seems that having a tan is all the rage in the beauty pageant world. Spray tans are the most popular method and safer for the skin as well. Some contestants even get sculpting done while getting air brushed to create the appearance of a more toned and defined figure.


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