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Britney Spears Makeup Looks and How to Get Them

Britney Spears Makeup Looks and How to Get ThemPop idol sensation Britney Spears is loved for her music all around the world with number one hits like “Baby One More Time” and “You Drive Me Crazy”, so it’s really no surprise that she’s loved for her looks as well. Whether you’re her biggest fan or just want to feel like a star, our guide will show you how to achieve a few of her more glamorous looks.


For Britney Spears, winning a Grammy means getting glamorous for the cameras and while we might not be headed to an Award show, there is certainly nothing wrong with getting glamorous for a special Valentine’s Day dinner or our own big event. In her 2000 Grammy performance, Britney was seen glowing in shades of gold while little sparkling gems adorned her eyes.


To get this look:

Starting with a clean face, apply foundation as you normally would, to blend away any skin imperfections you may have. To find the perfect shade of foundation that is right for you, match the shade that is closest to the same color as the back of your hand. Remember to blend your foundation past the chin so that there aren’t any lines and it doesn’t look as if you’ve just slapped on your foundation.


Next, apply a bronzer in a shade that is closest to your own. Sweep the bronzer over cheeks, below your jaw line or anywhere you want to highlight, but don’t over do it. Too much and you could look like you have a bad tan instead of a nice glow.


Line your lower and upper lid lines using black eyeliner. Apply a shimmer cream over the entire eye area. Next apply a gold shimmering shadow to the base of your lash line bringing it up to just past the crease in your eyelid. Blend carefully to avoid any visible lines. Finish with a coat of black mascara.


For a little more drama, apply crystal gems with the provided adhesive around the eyes. This may take some practice if you’re not familiar with applying these and remember practice makes perfect.


For the lips apply a sheer gloss. If your lips are prone to dry weather, try using a medicated lip balm over your lips before apply the gloss. Finally line the lips with a neutral color lip liner by following the shape of your lips to complete this look.


When working in front of the camera, Britney Spears knows how important it is for makeup artists to play up her best features and apply specific looks to compliment the theme of her latest music video. You don’t need a makeup artist to get this dramatic look, however. In her Remix of Boys, Britney Spears is seen wearing the popular smoky eye followed by pale pink lips.


To get this look: 

Start with a clean face and apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply the foundation with a sponge or the tips of your fingers. Using a circular motion, blend the foundation over blemishes and any imperfections that you would like to cover. Set with powder if needed. If you’re using powder over your foundation, choose a powder that is the same shade as your foundation and apply with a large face brush. If you don’t have one, a large blush brush will work. Just remember to clean the brush from any previous blush before you begin. Swish the brush into the powder and gently, but firmly tap the brush against a hard surface to shake off any excess powder. Next, sweep the powder over any areas that you applied your foundation. If you prefer, you can carry out the powder to bare parts of your face as well.


Next, line your upper lid lines using black eyeliner. Then, line the inside rim of your eyes with the same black liner for smoky effect. Apply a black shadow over the base of your lash line, bring it out into the crease of your eyelid and sweep out into a winged-tip shape. Highlight your brow bone with a pale glimmering shadow and apply a coat of black mascara.


Sweep a rosy shade of pink blush over cheekbones. To find where to begin and end the color, suck in your face as if you were making a fish face. Apply the blush where the bone begins and outwards to the hairline.


To complete this look, apply a pink gloss to your lips.


Now that you know how to apply a few of Britney Spears more glamorous looks, you might want to practice these looks beforehand. Practice makes perfect and a glamorous you!


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