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Get the Celebrity Look: Tea Leoni

Get the Celebrity Look: Tea LeoniLike many celebrities - especially actresses - Tea Leoni has experimented with different hairstyles, both short and long. However, she’s continued to stay tried and true with her signature short style. If you’re ready to lose the locks and add a little Tea to your look, check out the following tips and suggestions for a Tea-inspired ‘do.


Because this type of style isn’t the easiest to achieve, it’s best to seek the help of a professional hair stylist. Get as many pictures as you can to use for reference. Tea’s hairstyle in the movie “Family Man” with Nicolas Cage is one of the best to use.


The main features to Tea’s hairstyle include long bangs that are tapered and reach the cheekbone. The length of the bangs is perfect for doing a sexy side-swoop or you can pin it back securely for when you don’t want any hair in your face. Tea’s ends are serrated (notched or grooved) and cut into small pieces with different lengths for a bit of a wild and free style without being messy. The sides are pieced and layered, with the longest layers reaching chin length and the shortest touching the top of the ears and earlobe.


The back of the cut should be stacked so the hair naturally turns/flips up. Have your hair stylist keep the longest layers at the top, with the shortest on the bottom. The top layer length should be approximately chin length.


Now that you’ve got the cut, you’ve got to deal with the maintenance. Essential hair styling products should include styling/voluminizing crème, hair clips, blow dryer, pomade, and a medium full round brush.


After shampooing and conditioning, towel-blot your hair to remove excess water but keep the hair a little damp. Apply a nickel-sized drop of styling crème onto your palm and rub the crème throughout your hair. Start at the ends and work your hands all the way to the roots. Next, part your hair into two sections - top and bottom - for the left and right side of your head, including the back, as well as the bangs. Now you should have a total of seven separated sections. If any of your hair starts to get dry, spray it with a little water to keep it damp.


Using a medium full round brush, start at the top sections first and apply the brush underneath the hair, close to the root and apply your blow dryer to dry the hair in a downward motion. Once you’ve finished brushing through and drying the top sections, move on to the bottom sections. You want to make sure you dry all the top sections before moving onto the bottom ones, as opposed to going back and forth between top and bottom. This will ensure the hair dries uniformly and smoothly. After you’ve completely dried both sections of your hair from top and bottom, dry your bangs last. It’s natural for your hair to appear a little poofy so don’t panic.


To define your style and eliminate unnecessary poof, use pomade or hair wax sparingly. Too much will destroy the look. Tap your fingertips into the pomade and rub your fingers together to warm it up. Then take the desired sections of hair and pull downwards gently. Do this for wherever you need to tame the poof. If you want the ends to flip out playfully, pull your strands of hair downward using your thumb and fingers and gently turn your palms away from your face with a twist of your wrist to create the flipped look.


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