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How to get Pamela Andersonís Hair

How to get Pamela Andersonís HairOnce known as the blonde bombshell from the popular television show Baywatch, Pamela Anderson wasnít always blonde. The 5í7Ē actress was actually born a brunette. So how did she get those idolized blonde locks? Well, Pamela isnít telling the exact hair color she uses because she is worried that fans might ruin their own hair when trying to duplicate the color. And while most might think she runs to the salon to have her hair roots touched up, she doesnít. Her hairdresser has admitted that Pamela touches up her own dark roots herself.


The Coloring Process

Because Pamela is a natural brunette, to achieve a similar color such as hers, you would need to have a two step blonding process done if you are not already a blonde to begin with. This first step would be to lighten the hair with a bleach to lift the color from your hair. The second step is to add a toner to allow hair to whiten. PLEASE allow this procedure to be done by the hands of a professional hair colorist only. Once you have achieved the platinum blonde look, you will need to have roots retouched frequently in order to keep up the look.


The Cut

Pamelaís thick hair consists of long layers with some shorter layers throughout her hair to allow for fullness and movement. She also has shorter layered bangs that begin at about chin length and taper at the edges to soften her facial features.


The Style

While Pamela enjoys wearing her hair in different styles, she is mostly known for her long blonde locks that are styled down and around her shoulders that she loves to do herself. To achieve this style, itís best if your hair is naturally thick. If you donít have thick hair, you can try using volumizing products to create extra fullness.


   To begin, wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner designed to protect color-treated hair.

   If youíre in need of extra fullness, apply a volumizing product to towel dried hair.

   Bending over at the waist, begin blow-drying hair for maximum volume. Once the hair underneath is dry, flip hair back and blow-dry the roots of your hair.

   When hair is dry, separate the strands into 2-inch sections. Working from side to side, curl each section with a medium barrel curling iron. Pin each curl against the scalp with a bobby pin. Spray the curl with hairspray and allow cooling. Repeat for each section. Once the entire head has been curled and is cool, spray entire head with hairspray and let dry. Remove each curl one at a time. Style the curls using your fingers only. For added fullness at the top of the head, backcomb close to the roots and spray lightly with hairspray and arrange hair so that it hides the backcombing.

   To finish this look, add a drop or two of a shine cream scrunched into the ends to help control any frizz that may occur.


Now that you know how to re-create Pamela Anderson hair, you can easily try many of her other styles by simply searching online for a few of her photos. Enjoy!


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