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Celebrity Look

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How to Get the Top Model Look

How to Get the Top Model LookWith supermodels gracing runways and television, the desire to look like a model has become more popular than ever. Even if you donít have a fantastic makeup artist and hair stylist you can still achieve a top model look on your own - and itís a lot easier than you may think.


One of the most forgotten facts is that sexy sirens such as Tyra, Giselle, and Heidi get paid millions to look good. They use the best hair and skin care products and work 24/7 to keep their bodies in shape. Unlike many of us, they donít have to worry about a 9-5 job, school or a daily commute.  


Even if you donít have a lot of money to spend or VIP service at the most exclusive day spa, here are some ways to bring out your model beauty - inside and out.



What you eat reflects on the state of your skin. Drink plenty of water daily eliminate caffeine from your diet. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies and take vitamins to give your body a daily boost. Eating healthy snacks in between meals will keep your metabolism going and prevent overeating.



Whether itís a daily workout at your local gym or doing squats in front of the television, incorporating some form of exercise will keep you feeling refreshed, alert and fit. Do you think Giselle got those top model abs by sitting on the couch? The most important thing to remember is that if you werenít born with a supermodelís tall, thin frame, thereís nothing you can do to get that exact body type. Instead, work to achieve a body type that is closer to yours and take baby steps.  


Skin Care/Makeup

Never forget the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. If youíre clueless about how to take care of your skin, visit a dermatologist or the nearest makeup counter and learn how to put together the right skin care routine for your skinís needs. Know your skin type and what makeup colors work with your skin tone. With practice you can be your own makeup artist and have a flawless face without breaking a sweat.


All of these factors may seem simple but the key is to set realistic goals for yourself and realize that if you arenít 5í8+, your results will look completely different than the look youíre shooting for. Instead of discouraging yourself, stay positive and continue to eat healthy and do right by your skin. Within a few weeks or months you may not look like Adrianna Lima but you will have a supermodel beauty that is truly your own.


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