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Fabulous After Five by Dana Persia

Fabulous After FiveIn todayís crazy, time-deprived world, one must often go from boardroom to ballroom within minutes. Although a cape is not required, just a few simple tricks can help you transform as quickly as Clark Kent changes into Superman.


If you work in the corporate environment and the dress code is ďbusiness casual,Ē this could pose a bit more of a challenge in making a smooth transition from day to evening than if you normally wear a suit, dress or skirts. Planning ahead is key here and if you know you have a special function to attend after the workday is over, itís important to remember a few of the following tips:

   Choose black or dark gray pants and wear with a classy white blouse. Wear simple earrings and necklace at the office and change into an attractive piece of costume jewelry, like a choker, and add more dazzling earrings. Kick off your ballerina flats or loafers and slip into high-heeled pumps or strappy sandals.

   For the above look, bring a black skirt and a pair of black sheer stockings to the office that day. Change into the skirt, add the stockings and a pair of black satin pumps or knee high black leather or suede boots for a funkier look. Add a hip satin or beaded clutch.

   Simply wear all black during the day, which ALWAYS is appropriate for an after-five occasion. In the colder months, pair a black turtleneck with either black dress pants or black skirt. After five, switch your briefcase for a funky colored shoulder bag in red or Kelly green and add a snazzy beret and dangling earrings. In the summer months, switch to a short sleeved ruffle black blouse or sleeveless shell. With the shell, add a brightly colored scarf.

   If you are usually in suits, wear a camisole under the jacket and before your event, lose the jacket and add some glittering chandelier earrings.

   Pull your hair back in a classy chignon if you normally wear it down at work. Add jeweled hair ornaments or a silk flower.

   NEVER wear khaki pants or jeans to formal cocktail party or special event. If you must wear pants, opt for black, gray or even pinstripe.


Another tip is to keep an emergency survival kit at the office. Fill it with essentials such as dramatic lipstick, shimmer eye shadow, extra stockings, spare jewelry, a long silk scarf, and perhaps a small clutch bag that goes with everything. Donít forget perfume, deodorant, mouthwash or toothbrush/toothpaste, feminine products, hairspray and a comb. Always have an extra pair of shoes that can transition from day to night.


The key to looking fabulous after five is keeping the two looks distinctive and making the transition easy and effortless with the most impact. With some forward thinking, a little creativity, and your own sense of personal style, anyone can master the art of the quick change - even without a phone booth or cape.

Dana Persia  

About the Author: Dana Persia is Owner and Principal Consultant of DP Image Consulting, a company specializing in individual and corporate image consulting. For more information visit www.dpimageconsulting.com

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