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Faux Fragrance: Are Designer Look-Alike Fragrances a Good Value?

Faux Fragrance: Are Designer Look-Alike Fragrances a Good Value?You’ve seen them in the stores, or advertised in magazines. They will promise that they smell just as sweet as the originals. But are imitation fragrances really the good value that they say they are? The answer appears to be that it depends. Just like some original perfumes are better quality than others, faux fragrances can fall into the same discrepancy. And since perfume recipes are generally a well-kept secret in the fragrance industry, none of the imitation fragrances are going to smell identical to the original designer scents. However, if you shop around for a faux fragrance just like you shop for anything else, you may indeed find a perfume that you like at a price that you can afford.


One thing to watch out for as you are shopping for your fragrance is the difference between a replica or imitation fragrance, and one that is a counterfeit. Counterfeit fragrances are those that are sold under the designer name, with no statement showing that it is not the true, original fragrance at all. Replica or imitation fragrances, on the other hand, will plainly state that they are “like” or “similar to” a specific designer perfume. Imitations are okay to find and purchase, but in the case of counterfeit fragrances, the rule is “Buyer beware!” There is no guarantee that these fragrances are of decent quality, or even legal. You can do much to avoid unknowingly purchasing a counterfeit fragrance by only shopping at reputable perfume retailers.


If you are on the hunt for affordable perfume, but don’t like the idea of a cheap imitation, there are other ways to save money on your fragrance purchase. First, you can look for designer fragrances that have been discontinued. Often you can pick up yesterday’s hottest scent at bargain basement prices today. As long as you are not a fragrance diva who must have the latest and greatest perfume, this can be a great way to pick up a top quality fragrance at a much lower price. If you simply must have a bit of your favorite designer fragrance for those special occasions, you can find many favorite perfumes in smaller sizes as well. Go on the hunt for fragrance samples, which can last a long time if they are only used once in a blue moon. Or pick up a perfume mini the next time you visit your local fragrance counter.


There are also plenty of discount perfume retailers that will sell a variety of high quality fragrances at discount prices. You can even search for clearance opportunities, such as after Christmas when retailers try to clear out their stocks to get ready for the spring lines. This can be a great time to pick up a deal or two on those fragrances that you simply cannot live without. Good fragrance does not have to cost an arm or a leg to enjoy. By selecting from imitation fragrances, as well as shopping carefully for the deals on other types of perfumes, you can smell delicious without breaking the bank.


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