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Smell Good all Day with Fragrance Layering

Smell Good all Day with Fragrance LayeringWe’ve all been there. You finally find the perfect fragrance for you, and the race is on to see just how long you can get that scent to linger throughout the day. However, getting a fragrance to last is not about applying more – unless you want to see folks head for the hills when you enter a room! There is a way to smell good all day, and it’s all in the layering technique that works best for you.


Fragrance layering is simply the process of using more than one product in the scent that you choose. For example, you could start your day with a refreshing shower gel in the fragrance of your choice, followed by an application of scented moisturizer. A bit of talcum powder in the problem areas like the bra and bikini line can be added next, and you can finish up with a spritz or two of your eau de toilette. With a whiff of your favorite fragrance throughout your beauty routine in the morning, you greatly enhance your chances that your scent will hang around all day long.


Since fragrance layering has become a popular way to enhance your favorite scent in recent years, manufacturers of these products have jumped on the bandwagon to provide plenty of options to consumers in their lines of scented products. No matter what type of fragrance you prefer, you will probably be able to find a plethora of products to add to your beauty supply stash. Look specifically for colognes and eau de toilettes that will include a line of gels, moisturizers and powders to make your fragrance layering efforts easy and fun.


Another option in fragrance layering is to add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the products that you currently use. Keep in mind that most beauty supplies, from shampoos and conditioners to soaps and lotions will come with their own fragrance. To avoid a clash of fragrances, you can add a bit of essential oil to those products to keep uniformity with your scented choices. This will alleviate the problem of confusion of too many fragrances and ensure that your favorite scent will last even longer. Just make sure that the essential oil you select is one that you truly enjoy, and works well with your body chemistry.


Fragrance layering is the perfect way to give yourself a pampering from head to toe, and ensure that you will smell wonderful all day long. The next time that you are on the hunt for a new fragrance, make sure that it is one that includes a variety of products in the line to offer you the longest lasting scent of all.


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