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How Chromotherapy can Work for You

How Chromotherapy can Work for YouWhat is your favorite color? Sunshine yellow or shocking pink? How about tranquil turquoise or majestic purple? It turns out that color can do more for you than simply make you feel good. Some believe that chromotherapy can help to balance the body and achieve maximum health, harmony and wellness. The end result will not only be a more peaceful inner being, but a more beautiful outward appearance as well. Chromotherapy can be employed through many different methods; such as the use of lamps or filters, or even painting a room a different color or wearing a particular color of clothing. Other times chromotherapy can be used by trained professionals as a means to treat both mental and physical disorders and bring the body to a higher level of wellness and a healthier appearance.


There are a number of different ways that you can use chromotherapy to your benefit. The first is to decorate your surroundings using colors that will enhance your emotional and mental state. This means that rooms that see plenty of activity should be painted in an energizing color; while a room that is primarily used for relaxation should stick with the soothing blues and greens on the color wheel. Another method of chromotherapy that you can use on your own is the selection of your clothing colors each day. While it is true that you are what you eat, the same can be said of the colors you wear. Cheerful colors can reap a cheerful nature, and enhance your natural coloring as well. There are also bathtubs that can offer chromotherapy with the help of LED lights, and candles that will give you a chromotherapy experience by changing colors as they burn.


Hire a Pro

If you would like to take chromotherapy to the next level, you can hire a specialist that will give you a full chromotherapy experience that will affect your physical wellbeing as well as your emotional state. In this circumstance, a professional therapist might use lamps with color filters, a light that can be flickered into the eyes or glasses with colored lenses that can be worn for a period of time every day. Visualization is another chromotherapy technique that can be taught and used effectively for weight loss and healing. With these advanced techniques, chromotherapy can have a positive effect on the seven main chakras or energy points that are located throughout the body. By keeping the chakras in balance, the rest of the body will reap the benefits of balance and harmony from within. The end result is a more peaceful inner spirit and an improved outward beauty as well. Who knew what a little bit of color could do?


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