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How to Find the Right OB-GYN

How to Find the Right OB-GYNFor most women, their encounters with an OB-GYN involve getting a routine pap smear. However, when it comes to being pregnant, an obstetricianís role becomes huge. As with finding a regular doctor, being able to find the right OB-GYN will help make your pregnancy much easier to handle and keep you safely in the hands of someone you trust.


While not being pregnant only requires a trip to the OB-GYNís office every two years or so, being pregnant means you will be seeing your doctor often, so it helps to actually have an OB-GYN you trust and get along with. Finding the right OB-GYN doesnít have to be overwhelming or confusing. If youíre fine with the OB-GYN youíve been seeing over the years, then youíll have no problems. However, if itís been a while or if youíve never been to an OB-GYN and now need one for your pregnancy, there are a few steps you can follow.


First, make a list of questions to ask, as well as any concerns you may have with your pregnancy. It also helps to make a list of traits you would like your OB-GYN to have. Once you have an accurate picture of what you want your ideal OB-GYN to be, you can begin your search. However, you donít want to just open up the phone book and find someone. One of the best ways to find a good OB-GYN is to ask for references from family and friends, especially those who already have children and have interacted with their OB-GYN personally. Location should also play a part in your decision. As your pregnancy progresses, it helps to know that your OB-GYNís office is only a few minutes away, as opposed to an hour long drive. When scouting locations, make sure the OB-GYNís office and staff make you feel welcome. It goes without saying that the office should be clean and offer all of the proper equipment. Also note what the office hours are and if your OB-GYN is able to make house-calls or emergency/last minute appointments.


When speaking with potential OB-GYNís, make sure he/she listens to you and thoroughly answers your questions and concerns. Be sure to ask about the doctorís credentials and where they have practiced, as well as their experience dealing with pregnant women. Try to narrow your list down to 2-3 doctors to speak to. Adding any more can be overwhelming. If you have any doubts, move onto the next person. Your OB-GYN is someone who will be working closely with you in the coming months so it is important that you find someone who is likeable, makes you feel comfortable and who you trust enough to voice all of your concerns to. This is one time when itís okay to be selfish!


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