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Get Acrylic Nails at Home

Get Acrylic Nails at HomeMany women love the look of acrylic nails because well-groomed hands and nails make them feel pretty and feminine. Acrylic can be much stronger than natural nails, and they will maintain a manicure for a longer period of time. This can be the perfect solution for those of us who tend to bite our nails under stress, or simply possess nails that become brittle easily. However, acrylic nails from the salon can cost a pretty penny, and maintenance usually must be done every couple of weeks. If you are tired of shelling out money to a salon more than once every month, perhaps you are ready to give DIY acrylic nails a try from home.


Most women who have begun to do acrylic nails themselves have found that with a bit of practice, this can be a less expensive way to keep a beautiful manicure intact. There are a few tools and supplies that you will need to have on hand to complete the process, including a buffer and nail brush, liquid and powder acrylic, and a pair of acrylic nail clippers. If you decide to go with an acrylic nail kit Ė and this is often the best choice for a beginner Ė these tools may be included. A kit will come with step by step instructions and all of the supplies that you might need. Once you have assembled your supplies, you are ready to begin your professional-looking home manicure.


Steps for Applying Acrylic Nails

The first step is to prepare your natural nails for the acrylic nails or tips to come. Remove all traces of old nail polish, and gently push back cuticles using an orange stick. While some professionals would recommend roughing up your nails slightly with a buffer so that the adhesive will attach more effectively, use care in this step since too much roughing can damage your natural nail. Once your nails are clean and completely dry, you can brush on the adhesive and carefully place your acrylic nails on top. Trim or file until they fit your nail bed perfectly, or you run the risk of nails that do not look natural. Work quickly, since the adhesive dries quickly. If a nail does not go on straight, soak your finger in acetone until you can remove the nail and start over.


After you have successfully applied all of your artificial nails, mix up a solution of liquid and powder acrylic and apply it to your artificial nails as you would polish. Do not let this solution touch your natural nail bed directly, since you could end up with fungus on your nails. Once your nails are dry and buffed, you can apply the polish of your choice and enjoy your beautiful new manicure. Keep in mind that acrylic nails will need to have nail oil applied every day, but your polish should stay intact for as long as a couple of weeks. If you decide to remove your acrylic nails, use a nail soak with acetone, rather than trying to pop off the nails on your own.


Acrylic nails are a fun way to flaunt a perfect manicure. If you are thinking about trying these artificial nails out for yourself, why not attempt a DIY version? You may love the results, and your pocketbook is sure to thank you.


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