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Tips for Growing Your Nails Faster, Stronger & Longer

Tips for Growing Your Nails Faster, Stronger & LongerWho doesnít want nails that are strong, long and beautiful? Just short of getting acrylic nails from the salon, there may not be many ways to rapidly speed up the growth of your fingernails. Or is there? The answer to great nails naturally is a matter of taking care of them properly and knowing what will help stimulate their growth.


Just as with hair, each personís fingernails grow differently and the process may not always be the same. Some people have naturally weak and/or brittle nails, while others may have nails as strong as steel. In general, the human nail grows about 1/8 of an inch per month but it also takes the right diet and nail care products and practices to maintain healthy nails. The path to strong nails isnít impossible but it takes some diligence and know-how.


Vitamins and minerals arenít just good for your body, they also greatly benefit your nails. Specific vitamins and minerals that are essential for nail growth to be on the lookout for include: iron, calcium, sulfur, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, and fatty acids. You can turn to general dietary supplements or those that are formulated for increased nail growth. Vitamin B6 and Niacin are two major nutrients that help speed up and support cell growth. If youíre looking at nail care products, be sure to read the labels and make sure the product you plan on purchasing contains aloe vera, green and white tea, keratin, calcium, almond extracts, seaweed or shea butter extracts.


The way you take care of yourself directly affects the health of your nails. Daily events such as washing dishes without gloves, coming into contact with harsh detergents and other chemicals, getting manicures frequently and being in humid environments are all quick ways to break down your nails, making them weaker. Anytime you plan on working with your hands, wear gloves or be sure to properly moisturize and take care of your hands after doing extensive activities with them. Top coat polish can help strengthen your nails on a daily basis, which can assist in the growth process.


While frequent manicures can sometimes make your nails weaker, that doesnít necessarily mean that you shouldnít get manicures. The key is to be aware of what kind of manicures you get. For stronger natural nails, you should stay away from getting acrylic nails, which can often affect your natural nails negatively. Instead, opt for hand massages, which increases circulation and nail growth, and have your cuticles properly pushed back in order to facilitate proper cell growth. However, it is important that you never have your cuticles cut since this can kill the root, causing the nail to fall off and die.


Another step towards natural nail care that will result in longer and stronger nails involves more cuticle care. When your cuticles are in good shape, the process of nail growth will be easier. Choose oils to massage your cuticles with. Cuticle massages, like hand massages, are great for fostering the growth of new fingernails. You can use almond oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E oil, or jojoba oil to apply to your nails and gently rub into the cuticles. Rinse afterwards and moisturize.


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