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Nail Doís and Doníts

Nail Doís and DonítsWhen it comes to nail care, what you do and donít do greatly impacts the overall health of your nails. While there is a lot you can do to make your nails look better, there is also a lot you can do to make your nails look worse. If you need information about the basics of nail care or if you need to repair damage that has been done to your nails, this list of nail doís and doníts can help get you started:


Nail Doís

          Do moisturize the cuticle area to prevent cracking and peeling. This will help to protect the matrix of your nails.

          Do treat any tears or cuts to the cuticle with a disinfectant to prevent long-lasting damage to the nails.

          Do treat ingrown toenails as soon as possible.

          Do keep nails trimmed and smooth to prevent damage.

          Do trim nails carefully and slowly to avoid accidents.

          Do clean and disinfect nail implements before and after each use.

          Do check your nails and cuticles regularly for signs of infection and inflammation.

          Do use sunscreen on your hands and nails to prevent sun damage.

          Do be cautious when handling papers and when working on the keyboard. Use the pads of your fingers whenever possible.

          Do wear gloves to protect your nails when gardening, cleaning, or doing dishes.


Nail Doníts

          Donít ever use your nails as prying instruments.

          Donít push cuticles back too much or too roughly.

          Donít tear or pull hangnails; cut them instead, leaving as much of the cuticle intact as possible.

          Donít soak nails for long periods of time in any type of solution - even plain water. Soaking nails, especially in soap or detergent, can weaken the nail and cause damage.

          Donít overuse any kind of nail polish remover; the harsh chemicals can severely damage your nails and cuticles.

          Donít use any kind of nail products that contain formaldehyde, toluene, or toluene-like ingredients. These ingredients are dangerous to your nails and to your overall health.

          Donít let a professional nail care provider touch your nails or skin with equipment that has not been properly disinfected.

          Donít let a nail infection fester. If you are unable to correct the problem on your own, contact a professional for treatment.


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