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Nails to Die For Ė Fall & Winter Trends

Nails to Die For Ė Fall & Winter TrendsFashion encompasses more than just the physical clothing items, and when it comes to trends you better believe that includes accessories and even nails. If youíre searching for a new way to flaunt your fingers, then youíll want to indulge in the following nail trends for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.


Probably one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to nails and trends is what the hottest colors are. To answer this question, youíll want to start shopping around for nail colors in the following shades: dark orange, copper, wine, lavender, navy and dark browns. Thatís right - this seasonís nail trend is all about dark colors. Wearing dark nail polish colors can add a subtle touch of ďbad girlĒ to any outfit. Notice that black isnít on the list? This color remains pretty popular with nail polish lovers, but for this seasonís trends itís all about thinking outside the box. But for the gals that arenít quite ready for the bad girl nail vibe, you can opt for nail colors in gold tones that are shimmery, glittery or sparkly. Whitewashes are also continuing to remain a popular look and are ideal for women who want to sport a more feminine look, especially in the workplace where darker nail colors may not be appreciated. Another way to wear your nails in a more natural way is to bathe your nails in a nude/opaque color.


Another must-know piece of information regarding this fall and winterís nail trend is that shorter is better. Having your fingernails grow just a little past the tip is ideal. Gone are the days of super long, freaky looking fingernails. However, make sure your nails arenít too short. It is important to make sure that the nail color youíre wearing complements the length of your nails. When it comes to the shape of your nails, trends suggest moving away from completely square fingernails and instead going for a more natural shape that is somewhere in between an oval and a square. When paired with a dark nail color, the results will be eye catching.


In addition to sporting this yearís trends in nails it is also advised to properly groom your nails if you want them to make a fashion statement. The best nails use both a base coat and top coat in order to prevent your nail color from chipping and your nails from breaking. The latest DIY concept also applied to nail care. One of the fastest growing trends involves doing things yourself and your nails are no exception. Instead of spending time and money at a local salon or day spa getting your nails done, this fall and winter commit to becoming a do-it-yourself type and learn how to pamper and manicure your own nails. Not only will you save money, youíll learn how to properly care for your nails, ensuring that throughout the seasons your nails will look fabulous.


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