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Newest Looks for Nails

Newest Looks for NailsWhen it comes to keeping up with the latest and greatest on the fashion scene, your manicure is one of the easiest seasonal transitions that you can make. After all, a bottle of nail polish and badaboom, badabing! You’re looking hotter than hot on those cold winter nights. If you are looking for drama this season, check out what’s going on with the reverse French manicure. This all-new combination is sure to get your nails noticed.


Black and White

This new look on the French manicure made its way to many of the runways this season, strutting its stuff with the stark contrast of black and white hues. To get the look, begin with a base coat of a neutral color – cream seems to be the shade of choice this winter. Follow up with a darker color on top, starting at the tips and working your way to the base. Leave a half moon shape of the neutral color showing at the base of your nail. This darker shade can be black for the true drama queens, or you can opt for a more subtle garnet or chocolate hue.


For added dimension, you can repaint just the tips of the nails with a couple of coats of the cream nail polish once again. Other creative options include switching the order of the dark and white shades or experimenting with additional color combinations. Or you can play with the dimensions of the two colors – like simply adding black tips to cream nails or vice versa. There is no end to the variety and diversity that this manicure technique can bring to your winter nail fashion.


Sparkle it Up

Things aren’t as black and white as they seem this winter. If the reverse manicure doesn’t appeal to your craving for glam, check out the rhinestone collection for nails. You can find these at your nail salon in a variety of styles and sparkles. Keep in mind that adding bling to your manicure may not come cheap, however. Some of these manicures can run as high as $500 for a full effect. Some women prefer a single rhinestone on the tip of the nail, and this can be a subtly elegant – and less costly – approach to the glitzy manicure.


The artists of the clan can still add their own creative touch to nails, and this season nail painting has gone wild. Try out an animal print for fun and whimsy, or go for an abstract design for a mod look. Picasso, anyone? Stick with simple lines and curves to your designs that will look sleek, modern and oh, so trendy!


Add drama or add glam, but use your nail polish to put the finishing touch on your look this winter. Well groomed nails never go out of style.


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