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How to Make Aromatic Bath Salts

How to Make Aromatic Bath SaltsBath salts are a spa luxury that anyone can make easily in the comfort of their home. Bath salts are made with a combination of salts and essential oils or fragrance oils. Bath salts can be scented with a combination of essential oils and dried flowers that scent the salt over time as well. When making bath salts, be sure to mix salts in a non-metallic bowl and do not use metal spoons or forks to mix the salt. Wooden spoons work well to crush the salt and mix in the oils and coloring.


Bath Salts from the Sea

To make a simple sea salt-based bath salt, add two parts sea salt to one part Epsom salts. To add color to the salt, add a few drops of blue food coloring and mix thoroughly. For fragrance, add 10 to 15 drops of essential or fragrance oil to the salt, and mix well.


Simple Bath Salts

For easy bath salts, use kosher salt, rock salt, or sea salt from the kitchen with an equal part Epsom salts and an equal part baking soda. Crush the salts so they evenly mix with the baking soda, and add 5 drops of essential or fragrance oil for mildly scented salts.  


Herbal Bath Salts

To make bath salts scented exclusively with dried herbs, all you need is a wide mouthed glass jar, sea salt and fresh herbs. Rosemary and lavender are a popular herbal bath salt combination. Put a layer of salt on the bottom of the jar. Coarsely chop the herbs. Place a layer of herbs on top of the layer of salt. Place a layer of salt on top of the herbs, and keep layering until the jar is full. Close the lid, but make sure if the lid is made of metal to cover the top with a piece of plastic wrap before closing it. Let the salt absorb the herbs for two weeks, and strain out the herbs. This salt can also be used as a soothing body scrub.


Vanilla Bath Salts

Mix one cup of sea salt with one cup Epsom salts and one cup of baking soda. Crush the salts. Add one cup of powdered milk and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. For a stronger vanilla scent, add a few drops of vanilla essential or fragrance oil. To use, add to cup of this mixture to the bath directly under the running water.


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