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Before You Pierce Your Eyebrow

Before You Pierce Your EyebrowFor those who have been thinking of getting your eyebrow pierced, it can be a risky and frightening experience if youíre unfamiliar with having that particular area pierced. It doesnít have to be that way, however. With our guide, youíll know just what to expect before you get your eyebrow pierced.


The first thing you need to know before getting your eyebrow pierced is, make sure the person piercing your brow is a professional. You donít want just any person piercing your eyebrow. Look for a piercer that is licensed or has been piercing for several years.


Be sure the professional piercer does not use a piercing gun since they are not approved for piercing. He or she should also use sterilized equipment and disposable needles, as well as disposable latex gloves for each piercing. Sterilization is very important since non-sterilized equipment and needles can put you at risk for contagious diseases like hepatitis.  


Does he or she have a piercing portfolio? Ask to see their work. Most professional piercers will have some sort of portfolio to show off their work. Check to see if the piercing looks even if possible. Does the piercing look in place.


When piercing the skin, the piercer should use some sort of pen to mark your skin with before he or she inserts the needle. The piercer should use a captive bead ring or barbell, not a stud as your first piercing. He or she should also use metals like titanium, stainless steel and niobium instead of gold since your body can reject it.


When you show up for your piercing appointment, wear a button-down shirt so that you donít disturb your piercing. You will also want to pull your hair up and away from your face so that you donít get your hair caught in your new piercing.


You should expect some pain when you have your eyebrow pierced. To minimize the pain you can try taking long deep breaths before the procedure begins. Closing your eyes so that youíre not able to see what is actually being done may help as well.


Remember that the aftercare is just as important. Once your eyebrow has been pierced, it will take around a month or two before your piercing heals. During the healing time your piercing will be venerable to infections.


You will need to keep your piercing clean at all times to avoid infections. When cleaning your piercing, be sure that your hands are clean. Use a disinfectant or anti-bacterial ointment at least twice a day on the eyebrow area and the jewelry piece itself.


If you notice excessive swelling, redness or a heavy discharge, itís generally a sign of infection and you should see a doctor immediately. Never try to remove your piercing if you suspect infection unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Doing so can cause the infection to get trapped in the hole and seal itself in your body.


Finally, keep in mind that getting your eyebrow pierce may be suitable for you, but it may not for your work environment. If your job believes in an old fashion appearance or your working around dirt or chemicals, you may want to re-consider the piercing.


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