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Benefit From a Sugar Scrub

Benefit From a Sugar ScrubSugar can now do more for you than satisfy your sweet tooth or make you prone to a cavity - it can add to a pampering skincare routine! In natural skincare, it seems that just about anything can make your skin happy - in this case, itís a sugar scrub. For those looking for a new way to enjoy a skincare treatment without spending big bucks or using harsh and unheard of ingredients, creating your own sugar scrubs in your home can be just the solution youíre looking for.


So how can you benefit from a good sugar scrub? There are a couple of ways, actually. First, sugar can help skin naturally glow because of its fine texture. Unlike some skincare products, sugar scrubs donít clog your pores, preventing you from icky breakouts. Sugar scrubs act as natural exfoliators that are better than using chemical based products. Despite its grainy feel, sugar in a scrub is gentle enough to be used on the skin and protects against the loss of moisture. Surprisingly, the use of sugar scrubs in your skincare routine can also help eliminate blemishes and restore balance to the skinís natural oils. Best of all, sugar is probably one of the least expensive scrubs youíll ever find!


The next time you need a good scrub for your entire body, try this easy recipe at home using the following ingredients:


   Vanilla beans

   Lavender essential oil

   Baby oil or some other natural oil extract from a fruit or nut

   2 cups of coarse natural brown sugar or regular white sugar


Add the vanilla beans to the dry sugar, store in a container and seal it with a lid. Keep the mixture as is for one to two weeks. When the time is right, remove the vanilla beans and cover the sugar with your baby oil until it is saturated. Next, add a few drops of lavender oil. Now you can use this homemade sugar scrub to apply to your body, however avoid using this mixture on the face or hair. After gently exfoliating, rinse thoroughly.


Another recipe that will get you super soft skin while tightening your pores is as follows:


   50% white cane sugar

   50% vegetable glycerin

   Essential oils

   Vitamin C crystals

   Aloe vera gel


Combine all of these ingredients into a bowl. Youíll only need a few drops of essential oil and only a small amount of the aloe vera gel and vitamin C crystals. Mix until you get a good, thick consistency that isnít soupy. If it is a soupy consistency, this means youíve used too much oil. Once youíve got the right mixture going, you can apply the scrub to your skin and leave on for between three to four minutes. Youíll feel your pores start to tighten. Follow up with a thorough rinse and enjoy fabulously soft skin!


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