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Creating your Own Body Rubs for Home Massage

Creating your Own Body Rubs for Home MassageDuring and after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, who wouldn’t love a relaxing massage? If a massage sounds like a slice of heaven to you, but your already stressed out holiday budget is screaming for mercy, there is a solution. You and your favorite mistletoe mate can try out a romantic home massage for two. But don’t stop with a relaxing rubdown – instead whip up some yummy body rubs with the precise aromas that you love. You don’t have to be an herbalist to make some really great oils that will feel as delicious as they smell. You just need a few basics under your belt to get you started.


The Foundation

To make a body rub, you can use just about any essential oil that you would enjoy. The key in mixing your oil properly is to use six teaspoons of carrier oil to every eight drops of essential oil. Carrier oils are used to effectively dilute the essential oils, since these ingredients are much too intense to be applied directly to the skin. The carrier oil will also help to prevent the evaporation of the essential oil, allowing the wonderful aromas to linger on. If you are preparing a body rub to use in the neck and face area, light carrier oil is a good choice. For dryer spots on the body, heavier oil can be used.


Choosing your Scents

Here’s where crafting your own body rubs gets really fun. What aromas do you love? Sometimes the best choices in essential oils will be determined by the purpose of the massage. Did you just spend a day in a shopping frenzy, and do you have the sore muscles to show for it? Try soothing oils like eucalyptus or frankincense for some serious pain relief. Are you looking for a way to warm up this winter? Take a whiff of peppermint and myrrh. Rose, lavender and geranium are all good for the soul and the body for stress relief. Mix your essential oil of choice with your carrier oil, warm it up and you are ready for relaxation.


If you are still a wee bit apprehensive about whether you are ready for the mixing of the oils, there is another way to create great oil with minimal effort. Try a massage candle on for size. Simply light the candle and let the wick burn down until you have a good amount of wax melted inside. These candles are specially designed so that the melted wax will be the perfect temperature to pour directly onto your skin for a good rub down.


Massage is a great way to unwind after a day loaded with activities and stress. Whip up a batch of body rub with your favorite aromas, grab your favorite “masseuse” and enjoy a relaxing, romantic evening together.


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