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How to Deal With Bumps and Irritation around your Bikini Line

How to Deal With Bumps and Irritation around your Bikini LineWith summer well underway, itís a time for bringing out the tiniest, cutest bathing suits. Bikinis are one of the most popular and widely worn types of swimwear out today. In order to wear one successfully, itís important to get your bikini line under control. However, removing hair from this area can have bad side effects, such as razor bumps, redness and irritation.


When it comes to hair removal, there are plenty of options. Shaving is the easiest method but this can become more of a hassle than itís worth. Many women who shave their bikini line suffer from irritated and upset skin. By learning how to shave this area the right way, as well as what products to use if irritation does occur, you can get a close, smooth shave and flaunt your bikini without embarrassment.


The most important thing is to make sure the blade you are using isnít dull. If it helps, keep a special razor handy that you only use for shaving your bikini line. This will keep the blade sharp longer, instead of using your regular razor that you use to shave your legs and under your arms with. Using a dull blade is the quickest way to get razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Those who experience ingrown hairs whenever they shave should first soak in the shower or bath for a few minutes. After soaping up the bikini line area, use a body scrub and gently exfoliate. The body scrub will work to push ingrown hairs to the surface, allowing them to stand at attention. This makes for a closer, smoother shave without having to go over the same area with the razor multiple times.


The position you are in while shaving in the shower or bath also makes a difference in the condition of your skin afterwards. The best way to get a good shave in a way that wonít upset your skin is by standing in the tub or shower with one leg up. Apply a thick lather of shaving cream and carefully go over the area. Try to avoid shaving the same area more than once or twice. Donít press the razor to your skin, as this can result in painful razor burnÖif you find yourself doing this in order to get a close shave, you may be using a dull blade.


When youíre done, rinse with cool water to soothe and calm the skin and pat the area dry. One way of avoiding unsightly razor bumps is to apply a super light layer of underarm deodorant to the area that has been shaved. You wonít need a whole lot. Baby powder is also another great product to use on the area. Other products that work well to calm an angry bikini line after shaving include aloe vera, regular moisturizer, and cocoa or shea butter.


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