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Finding the Right Bra Size

Finding the Right Bra SizeA woman knowing her bra size is like second nature. However, as silly as it may sound, there are a number of women who actually wear the wrong bra sizeÖabout 90%. But how is that possible? In most cases, itís due to human error. Ladies, itís time to put your stubbornness aside and learn how to measure yourself and find your proper bra size.


Unfortunately, trying to tell a woman sheís not the size she thinks she is can be compared to telling someone that their baby isnít cute. While it can get pretty ugly, it is important to know the truth when it comes to measuring yourself so youíll know for sure what size bra is right for you.


The main thing to understand about bras is that they have two parts: the band size and the cup. The band is basically the strap that goes around your chest and to the back where the bra clasps. The cup is obviously the part of the bra that holds your breasts in place. To tell the difference between the band size and the cup when shopping for a bra is to look at the tag. For example, a bra that is labeled 34B means the band size is 24 inches and B is the cup size. The sizes for bras are numerous and vary not only from country to country but from manufacturer to manufacturer. So the first thing to remember is that not all bra sizes fit are the same way.


Whatís wrong with wearing the wrong size bra? Even if the bra you wear on a daily basis may feel comfortable, your breasts arenít getting the proper support. This can result in discomfort of the chest area, unnecessary back pain, and other minor ailments. Another downside to wearing the wrong size bra is its appearance, both in and out of your clothes. Wearing a cup size that is too big can cause the bra to appear caved in or wrinkled, while a bra that is too tight in the cup area can force the breasts to bulge out and pinch the skin around the rib cage area. Not a pretty sight or a great feeling.


As women get older, their breasts change, whether itís because of having children, breastfeeding or simply aging. Because of this, a womanís bra size will also change. But for a woman who started off with a size 36B, she may automatically assume this is the same size she will be. This results in buying this same size bra for years. The key to always knowing youíre wearing the right size is to measure yourself every other year or so. Fitting experts at your favorite department store can do bra fittings or you can do it yourself.


The easiest way to measure yourself is to run a tape measure just under your breasts, with the ends meeting at the center of your rib cage. Note the number you measure at and add 5 inches. That is your band size. To measure your cup size, run the tape measure across the area above your breasts, under your armpits and around your back. If you get an odd number, round up to the next number to make it even. Now subtract this number from your first number. The following is an accurate way to determine your cup size: -1=AA, 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc.


Also remember that bras lose their shape and support after a few months so always update your bras to get lasting support for years to come.


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