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Treating Foot Odor

Treating Foot OdorFoot odor is embarrassing, but there are ways to treat smelly feet. Feet generally become odorous when feet sweat and bacteria builds up. Feet are usually trapped inside the shoe, which when the temperature is high in the confines of the show, it causes the foot to sweat. This causes bacteria to build up, which leads to having feet smell. While the buildup of bacteria does not just cause the feet to smell, but can also lead to feet ailments such as athlete’s foot.


Treating Foot Odor – A Checklist

You can prevent feet from smelling by doing some simple things that will make your feet smell less and more comfortable as well.


·    Maintaining good foot hygiene by washing your feet regularly making sure that you especially clean your feet well between the toes where bacteria builds up the most in the feet.

·    Change your socks daily as smelly feet always result in smelly socks. Clean dry socks will allow for the foot to breath more and will also be more comfortable as well.

·    You can apply foot powder, baking soda, or baby powder to your feet to prevent odor. The powders will soak up the moisture, which causes bacteria. There are also foot ointments that can help as well.

·    Check your feet regularly for infections of fungus especially between your toes and on the bottoms of your foot. You can treat these types of bacteria infections with various powers and ointments.

·    Good socks that are thick and soft can help with getting the moisture away from the foot and transferring them to the sock. The best socks are made from materials that absorb moisture such as cotton.

·    Wearing shoes that breath will allow for moisture to not build up. Leather and canvas shoes are good materials for allowing the foot to breath while plastic shoes do not.

·    Try to wear different shoes. Shoes that are worn every day will have bacteria buildup and will lead to them becoming odorous. You can also put moisture and bacteria absorbing powders in the shoes when they are not being worn as to draw the moisture out of the shoes.

·    You can soak your feet in black tea for a week for 30 minutes at a time. The tannic acids in the tea will kill bacteria and help open up the pores.

·    Wear foot protection at the gym or public showers. Athlete’s foot and bacteria are in the water and many public showers especially gyms. By wearing sandals or protective shower shoes you can greatly reduce the risk to your feet of catching this bacteria.


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