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Tips to Get the Smoothest Legs on the Block

Tips to Get the Smoothest Legs on the BlockWhen winter legs come out of hiding, make sure that yours are silky smooth with some tips to give you the best looking pins on the block. It doesn’t take long to say goodbye to the dull, dry limbs that have snuggled all winter under jeans and tights. All you need is a bit of time, a few key products and the desire to wiggle back into your favorite pair of shorts ASAP!



The first step to smooth legs is an exfoliating treatment. There are plenty of exfoliating products this year that come in a variety of scents. Whichever exfoliating cleanser you select, it is best used with a body brush or sponge that will get rid of the dead skin cells of winter most effectively. By exfoliating upwards on your legs, you will not only smooth, but improve the circulation and keep that dreaded cellulite at bay.



Once those legs are blissfully cleansed of the winter yuckies, you can move on to the defuzzing action that has probably been embarrassingly ignored for many months. To soften the hair before shaving, try a relaxing soak in a warm tub. This is also one of the easiest and safest locations to shave your legs, rather than trying to balance precariously on one leg in an under-sized shower stall or a slippery bathtub. Shave your legs against the grain, using a sharp razor and a shaving cream or gel.



After your lovely bath, follow up with an application of baby oil before your skin is completely dry. Most experts will agree that baby oil is one of the most effective means of locking moisture into your skin. To prolong your smooth look in between shaving sessions, you can use a lotion on your legs that is specifically designed to minimize the appearance of fine hair and stubble.


Add Some Color

These first few steps will leave you with baby smooth legs to flaunt, but these will hardly make the grade if your skin is ghostly pale enough to glow on a warm summer night. Don’t wait for the sun to make its mark, especially with premature aging and skin cancer looming in those harmful UV rays. Take control of the situation in the privacy of your own bathroom, by applying your fake tan after exfoliating. There are so many good self-tanners available today that will spare you the orange “tans” of old, so pick the product that works the best for you, and get to tanning. Smooth legs with a kiss of sun – mmm, the stuff great summers are made of.


Get Some Shape

By now your legs are looking good, and the only thing left for you to do is add a little sex appeal with some shaping and toning action. The best exercises for slender thighs and shapely calves include lunges and squats of any variety. Of course, walking is another great way to shape up your legs, so get out there and enjoy that warm weather with a few brisk strolls around the neighborhood. Your legs will thank you by giving you a reason to wear those adorable shorts that have been waiting in the far reaches of your closet all winter long. The legs have it – now its time for you to have those sexy legs!


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