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How to Avoid Water Retention for a Health Body

How to Avoid Water Retention for a Health BodyWater retention is when excess fluid in your body builds up and is uncomfortably stored in your tissues. Uncomfortably bloated and tight skin, swelling in the arms and legs, tight fitting clothes or accessories and redness with pain are all signs that your body is storing an unhealthy amount of water. There are many reasons your body can holding onto too much water, and be sure to check with your doctor if you have a severe case of water retention. To avoid the symptoms of water retention before they start, try integrating a few of these tips into your everyday life.


1. Decrease your Salt Intake

Salty foods are a large cause of water retention. You should only be getting 3 teaspoons of salt a day. Excessive salt in your diet leads to excessive water retention in your body, so cut down salt to decrease your risk.


2. Go Easy on Foods that Commonly cause Water Retention

Eat foods that are known to make the body retain water on special occasions only, and do not overindulge. Melon is a commonly known water retention food, so only eat a slice and not the whole thing the next time it is on the menu.


3. Increase your Daily Calcium and Potassium Intake

The minerals calcium and potassium are both important in helping your body process water. Take a supplement, or eat more foods rich in these minerals to avoid dealing with bloating. Alfalfa and lobelia contain natural forms of calcium. Horseradish, kelp, watercress, rosemary, sage and wild cabbage all contain potassium. Horsetail contains both calcium and potassium.


4. Drink Natural Diuretics Regularly

Before considering an over-the-counter diuretic like commercial water pills, try herbal solutions to water retention. Juniper and horsetail are both known to have diuretic properties and to be beneficial in flushing out excess water through the urine. Add parsley leaves to your cooking or eat them fresh for their diuretic properties. Drink dandelion tea. High in calcium, a system tonic and a gentle laxative, dandelion tea removes the acid in the blood and helps purify the system.


5. Supplement your Body with Vitamins B and C

It is recommended to take vitamins B and C to aid in processing water in the body and making sure circulation is under control. Add these vitamins to your day by taking a supplement, or eating foods rich in them. Alfalfa, raspberry, watercress, dandelion and kelp all contain healthy amounts of vitamins B and C.


6. Eat One Clove of Garlic a Day

Eat one clove of garlic a day to detoxify your body. Flushing the toxins out of your body is a good way for the water to be able to be flushed as well.


7. Exercise for a Half Hour a Day

Exercise helps increase your circulation and simply helps your body run more smoothly. Your body is able to flush food and water from the body better when the body is active than when it is inactive. Try yoga or a quick jog to help keep your water weight down.


8. Avoid Stress

Stress has a negative effect on the body, and helps the body hold onto toxins and unwanted excess, like water. Take time to relieve your daily stress, and stay healthy so you can know when your body needs more attention.


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