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What is Gommage?

What is Gommage?The term `gommage` comes from a French term that means "to erase". It is a cream or paste that is applied to the skin with massage in order to remove dead skin cells and leave smoother, more radiant skin underneath. Gommage is a treatment that spas offered a number of years ago, but it went by the wayside in many locations when other options in exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids came along.


Although gommage was originally used primarily for facials, it eventually became a popular method of body treatments, and is still used in this manner in many spas. They are more labor intensive than body scrubs, but can be a good option in spas that don`t have the option of showering off since gommage is not designed to be washed off after treatment like other body scrubs are. It is a highly effective means of exfoliation and deep cleansing.


How is it Done?

Gommage consists of a cream that is applied to the body in a thin layer and left to sit and dry for a few minutes. It is then slowly and gently removed through the process of massage. As the skin is rubbed, the gommage will roll off of the body, picking up the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin in the process. Gommage will contain ingredients like xanthan gum to help remove the dead skin cells, and an enzyme to dissolve them. No shower is necessary after gommage, but a moisturizer is usually applied to keep skin feeling soft and smooth after treatment. Often the moisturizer is massaged in as well, for a thorough cleansing and a thoroughly relaxing experience.


Where can You Get It?

If gommage sounds like a treatment that you would like to try, there are still many spas that will offer a variation in a body scrub, although gommage facials are a rare find today. You can also find gommage creams for sale that will allow you to try this treatment in the comfort of your own home. However, gommage is not a good choice for everyone. If you are older and your skin is extremely thin, gommage could cause damage and therefore should not be used. You should also avoid gommage if you have pimples, broken capillaries or sensitive skin. Never use gommage with other exfoliating products, because skin irritation can result.


If you are looking for a deep cleansing treatment that will effectively exfoliate your body and leave it silky smooth, perhaps you should give gommage a try. Call your spa and see if they offer a version of this treatment. Or purchase a bottle of the cream and try out this treatment for yourself at home. There can be numerous advantages to recreating a classic. Especially when the classic leaves your skin smooth and radiant.


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