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Fall 2006 Hair Trends

Hair TrendsHair is Getting Shorter

The constant craze for super-long locks is finally scaling back to a shorter length. Think mod hair for modern times. Moderately long to mid-length styles are coming our way. Also, styles at these versatile lengths vary in range from romantic and wavy to sleek and modern, depending upon the individuals’ tastes.


Bobs are back with a Bang and more Modern Styles

In line with the shorter styles theme, bobs have been returning, especially bobs that accentuate bangs as a part of the overall look. Whether you go with the “A-line angled” or “straight across”, bobs are very flattering to many different facial types, are easy to style and produce a professional, but sassy look. In terms of today’s bangs, the overall style remains very versatile, whether soft curving bangs that frame the face softly or sloped bangs that give the classic bob a more modern look. The key with bangs is to have fun with them. Find a look that suits both your face and your personality. And especially with the bob, it does not have to fall into the sleek and smooth category. One does not have to stick with a modern look. If your hair is naturally straight, throw in some curl or waves and let your inner Jessica Simpson out. Or if your hair is naturally curly, don’t feel the need to straighten it. It’s a very sexy and sassy look and one that will be very popular this fall.



In general, for fall 2006, curls will be riding the wave. Put away the flat irons and look forward to frivolous curls, long wavy tresses and soft romantic cascades. It is not so much the bohemian/messy look, but a soft curl or wave to give the hair just enough of an edge with still a classy feel.


Individual Style

Most importantly of all, the focus is on the individual, not a specific style. There are many new techniques that focus on creating individualized looks for the client. Stylists are coming up with new techniques for texturing as well as adding wave and curl that give each client a unique look.


Hair Jewels and other Sparklers

Hair accessories will also make a comeback for fall. The headband will still be popular but will be much sleeker in style versus the chunky look. What will surely make a festive look for fall will be delicate hair sparklers and pearls. It is almost like jewelry for the hair. The key here is to keep hair simple and sweet so the jewels stand out.


One Final Note

Even though a talked-about fall trend is shorter hair, it is important to note that you might want to “leave just enough” to be able to pull the hair back. For those oh-so special occasions, instead of the fancy up-styles, the top designers are encouraging a more low-key approach to elegance. While the daily-wear style may feature curls and frivolity, dressier looks for the fall call for a smooth simple chignon style or knot at the nape of the neck.


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