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Highlights or Dying

highlights or dying?If youíre hair is drab, or if itís showing too much gray, if youíre ready for a different shade or hue, then you need to update your hair color! Changing you hair color can be subtle, such as lightening it up, or you can for something completely new.


The question is: do you dye or it add highlights? The answer depends on the results your looking for as well as what color your natural hair is.


Going gray? Dying your hair is the way to go. Of course, you can match its original color, but you can also use it as an opportunity to try something completely different.


Going from light to dark or vice versa? Dying your hair is the right strategy.


If youíre blonde and are looking for a subtle change, try highlights and lowlights instead of dying. If you have darker hair and want to add accents, say a reddish hue, then lowlights are perfect.


Highlights and lowlights change the color of your hair more subtly than dying. They involve coloring small strands of hair rather than the whole head. As a result, they look more natural and are not as noticeable when your roots grow out.


If you have dirty blonde hair, using highlights adds life to your hair color. Since blonde hair is easily affected by the sun, it generally has many tones. When you dye blonde hair, it becomes one color, which doesnít replicate the natural tones of blonde hair.


Once youíve decided to color your hair, you need to determine whether youíll do it yourself or visit a salon. Dying your hair is far easier to do yourself than highlighting it. When you dye your hair yourself, remember that the color on the box is rarely the exact color your hair will turn out. Do a strand test on part of your hair. If you want to make a drastic change, such as going from brunette to blonde, you might want to visit a colorist instead of coloring your hair at home.


Adding highlights to your hair by yourself can be difficult. You may want to enlist a friend to give you a hand. It can be a challenge to make do-it-yourself highlights look natural. Also, if you leave the color in longer than recommended, it may continue bleach your hair. Although itís a lot more expensive, your safest bet is to visit a salon when you want to add highlights to you hair.


Coloring your hair is a great way to enhance your look. Whether you dye your hair or add highlights, youíll enjoy the change and may never want to go back to your natural color.


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