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Updo Hairstyle A Classy Hairstyle

Updo HairstyleLooking for a classy formal or prom hairstyle? The first thing you need to have is medium to long hair. Other things you would need are some ponytail holders, long pins and some gel. To make your updo look good you need to use a number of pins in different directions. This would hold your hair in place. Using much of gel would not help as it only makes the hair stiff. The hair should be able to bear with humidity.


Do you want your curls to be loose? The bigger and looser your curls the better you would look. The first step is to pull your hair up and then apply some baby powder to give fullness to your hair. Then you need to tease your hair. The French Twist provides a very classic look. For this there may arise a need to slick back your hair with some gel, then pert it on the side and pull down the hair. You can take the help of a hair rat to do this. Do not be afraid, it is not a real rat. A hair rat is easily available in a beauty supply store and is used to pull down your hair if they are really smooth. There will still be a need to use a lot of pins and you can not do without them.


Large curls can be made use of to get those big and nice curls. After the curls have been made you can arrange them on top of your head, since you would not like your face to look long until and unless you have a round face. This would help you to balance your looks and the geometry of your face. To give your hair a sophisticated look you can use a shine serum.


Now it is time for some valuable tips for hair updo:


   One can get soft curves on the end of the hair with a flat iron. This would give a glossy look to the hair and is best suited to make a bun or a knot.

   One can get firm curls by using curling irons and hot rollers.

   One can get different hairstyles if damp hairs are rolled onto the rollers.

   To give the hair a natural look do not use too much of hair spray as it would make the hair look stiff.

   Make sure that the hair is firmly held with the help of combs, long straight pins and pins.


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