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Women and “The Buzz Cut” - Tips & Tricks

Women and “The Buzz Cut” - Tips & TricksThis writer is a woman who has successfully transitioned from a very long well-kept mane of curls to using the buzz cut as my main mode of style for several years. Although not everyone has the right head for this cut (man or woman) most people can make it work, with a little bit of confidence and perhaps a little advice from a seasoned buzz-cut veteran.


Transition into the Style Slowly

If you have hair down to your butt, do not directly shave it close to your scalp and expect to be happy with the results, no matter how great you look. Cut hair in cycles, even if you only cut it short once before you cut it all the way off. Remember, if you are going to cut it all the way off anyways, you might as well get used to some of the weight off of your shoulders before making the plunge into no hair.


Cut Hair with Scissors First, and then with Clippers on the Longest Setting           

Do not try to cut your long locks off directly with the clippers. You will end up making it very uneven, and accidentally dig holes into your style, accidentally exposing your scalp. Gradually remove the hair by first cutting it down to a few inches with sharp scissors, and then by moving to the longest clipper setting. Do not use the clippers around your ears because it makes the hair too short and the cut look like a boy cut. Have someone help you in back, or use a mirror. For many women, this longest setting is short enough, and your cut is almost complete.


Consider Leaving “Sideburns” a little Long and Wispy

Short cuts can look cute with a few long accents, like leaving a few little wispy curls long over your ears to create a feminine sideburn. This little bit of hair can be trimmed down with grooming scissors, and needs to be trimmed due to the fact that you do not clipper around the ears.


Find a Dry Look and a Wet Look

Just because a style is short does not mean that it cannot be styled in a variety of different ways. Find a product that makes your hair a little wavy and adds a touch of shine to smooth onto hair before a fancy evening. Experiment with headbands and scarves you can wear when your hair is dry to change your look. Curly hair is especially fun to experiment with, because at a short length it will curl up when it is wet, but can be easily smoothed out when it is dry for two easy and fun looks.


Be Confident with your New Style

This is a bold cut, and with no hair to hide behind it is one that suits beautiful and confident women very well. This cut only works on a woman who is willing to work it, and hold her head high.


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