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Bleaching One`s Hair

Bleaching One`s HairBleaching is done for men and women as the bleach lightens the hair color. Many people bleach the hair at home but for better and safer results it is better to have it done professionally.


The Facts

Basic chemistry is involved when hair is bleached. Generally hydrogen peroxide is the oxidizing agent and mixed with an alkalizing agent is mixed and applied to the hair as this will raise the scales of the shaft of the hair’s outer layer. The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair and as the alkalizing agent is combined with the hydrogen peroxide and then is diffused onto the middle of the shaft of the hair. The melanin is how hair color is determined. The chemicals in the bleach take the melanin and break it down replacing it with the new lighter color. The new color will stay in the hair until the hair starts to grow out.


Reasons to Bleach Hair

Many times people just want to look blond and it can be a radical change especially if you have darker hair. Many people bleach their hair as well as it is a good way to hide the grey in your hair. Some hair colors, such as red hair and very dark hair, is not as easy to bleach and should be done in stages not all at once. This will make it so the hair is not damaged. The bleaching process in these colors will be gradual, as the hair will be lightened until it is finally white or blond.


Salon or at Home

Bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide is the same at home or in a professional salon. However, by going to a professional, they will know how to do it in a better and more safe way, so that your hair will not be damaged. If you do decide to do the bleaching at home with a home bleaching kit, please make sure to follow the directions carefully. It may be better for a friend to help with the bleaching process to make sure all the hair is bleached and the chemicals do not get in your eyes.


A couple of things to do when doing it yourself is wear a pair of gloves and wear old clothes or use a towel because if the bleach touches them they will dyed white permanently. Apply the bleach starting at the back of the head and work around working to the top of your head. Try to do this as fast as possible to make sure the bleach is evenly distributed to all of your hair.


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