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Bring Out Your Natural Highlights Naturally

Bring Out Your Natural Highlights NaturallyMost people have natural highlights in their hair, just look at any child whose hair hasn’t been altered by highlights or lowlights. Natural highlights come from many sources, including the sun, and range in color from blonde to gold, copper, reddish, mahogany and shades in between. While we all know that foils and even at-home kits are one way to achieve high and low lights, there are some natural ways to brighten your locks.


Natural Highlight Tips
You can do things to bring out the natural highlights in your hair without going to the salon. These steps won’t result in dramatic hair color changes, but they will help your hair appear shinier, more lustrous and healthier. Since it’s light reflection that makes highlights “work”, healthy hair will always have more depth. The first step toward bringing out your natural highlights is taking care of your hair and making sure it is adequately moisturized. Use a deep conditioner at least once per week to help infuse your hair with body and shine. Be sure you select a conditioner formulated for your hair type.


You can also consider an egg bath. Eggs help moisturize hair because they contain lecithin. Simply beat an egg, apply it to your hair when dry and then cover with a plastic bag held shut around your forehead with a hairclip or use a shower cap. Allow the egg to sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing in cool water.

Avoid excessive blow-drying which dries hair and creates a dull appearance. This inhibits your natural highlights from coming out. Try to blow-dry your hair rarely. When you do blow-dry, use a low heat setting, and consider a leave on conditioner to help protect your hair from the heat.  


Keep Hair Healthy
The first step is eating right. There are many vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy hair. Vitamin A for example, helps stimulate the scalp and improve blood flow. B complex vitamins keep hair moisturized by regulating the amount of oil produced in the hair. Hair loss often results from biotin deficiencies (one of the B vitamins). Most B vitamins work best in conjunction with one another. You can take a supplement or eat foods like cauliflower, yogurt, eggs, green vegetables and bran products.

Certain minerals are also important for healthy, shiny hair. These include zinc, iron and copper. You can get most of the minerals you need from animal proteins, seeds and green leafy vegetables.


Tips for Natural Highlighting

If you are blonde or close to it, you can lighten your hair naturally with products containing lemon. This adds natural shine to hair and helps condition. In days of old women used to spray lemon in their hair to highlight it when in the sun.


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