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How to Cut Your Own Bangs

How to Cut Your Own BangsSure, itís advisable to go to a salon and have your bangs trimmed, but letís face it; our lives are busy and itís just not possible to get to a salon to have them trimmed all of the time. Hereís how to do it yourself.


The first thing you will want to invest in is a good pair of scissors. Donít just run out and buy any old scissors either. If youíre going to cut your hair, youíll want to purchase scissors that are meant for cutting hair. They should be pointed and the blade no longer than 6 inches.


Start with clean dry hair. Cutting your bangs while they are wet can cause you to trim them too short since the hair shrinks when dry. If you experience frizz with your hair, apply an anti-frizz product to help control the problem and then blow dry hair straight.


Next, clip any hair you are not cutting, up and out of the way. Comb the desired amount of hair down gather that amount between your index and middle finger to form an even line at the center of your face.


Holding hair securely without stretching, start at a 45-degree angle and slowly snip a small amount of the bangs moving from left to right. You can always trim more if needed. Now check the length. If you want to trim more of your bangs, then repeat the cutting step from left to right until you have the desired length.


If you want to add layers, take a section of your bangs between your index and middle finger and pull hair vertically above the head. Then, sliding your hand upwards, leave about an inch above your fingers and cut across to a point above your fingers. Repeat with the other sections until you have the amount of layers, you desire.


If you have shaggy bangs, use a brand new, disposable single-blade razor instead of scissors. To cut bangs with a razor, firmly pull bangs with your index and middle finger and slide fingers down to end of hair. Slide the razor across the bangs, just above your fingers.


A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

   Avoid stretching the hair while you are cutting. Doing so can make the bangs shorter than you really want.

   Donít raise your eyebrows or cross your legs when cutting your bangs since this can cause the end hair results to be shorter in length.

   If you have naturally curly hair, allow extra length since your hair will shorten when retaining its natural length.

   Wear an old shirt to avoid a big hairy mess and itching. This way once you are done trimming your hair you can remove the shirt and not have to worry about getting hair everywhere.

   You may also want to trim your hair over a trashcan instead of the sink. Trimming your hair over the sink can cause a clogged drain and thatís something you probably donít want to have to deal with.


Finally, do visit a salon when you can afford the time to have your bangs trimmed. Often, salons will be happy to trim your bangs for free if you are a regular customer. Happy Trimming!


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