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Is Dyeing Your Lashes and Brows Safe?

Is Dyeing Your Lashes and Brows Safe?Using permanent dye and tints is a popular trend, especially among teenagers. But before you make your appointment at the salon or start browsing the hair care aisle at the store, there are important safety issues you need to familiarize yourself with so you donít have a bad experience.


The most important thing to know is the FDA hasnít approved any of the color additives or tints used for dyeing eyelashes and brows, and with good reason. These same tints and color additives have been shown to have harmful effects such as causing allergic reactions. The most common side effects include inflammation, swelling, redness, infection, and in severe cases, blindness. Needless to say, if you plan on dyeing your lashes or brows using permanent dye or color tints, use extreme caution.


One of the riskiest methods being used by teens in particular is buying regular, temporary hair color and attempting to dye their lashes or brows at home. The permanent dyes used for lashes and brows is not the same as the hair coloring kits bought at the store, but it does contain harmful ingredients that can lead to serious eye injury if used incorrectly.


If you do happen to find such a dye or eyelash/eyebrow tints at the store or beauty supply, be sure to read the label to find out if it is FDA approved. If not, drop it and get the job done by a professional. However, even getting your eyebrows or eyelashes done at the salon can be risky. Due to the fact that the State Board of Cosmetology has also considered the tints unsafe, not all salons offer this service. For those that do, be sure that all the safety precautions are taken.  


Make sure the person performing your lash or brow tint is a licensed cosmetologist with a list of references you can speak with. Consult with the cosmetologist and ask plenty of questions until you know how the procedure is going to be performed. Ask to see before and after photos. During the actual procedure an eye shield should be used at all times to avoid any possible contact between your eye and the dye or tint - even if youíre just getting your eyebrows done.


While dyeing your lashes and brows is becoming a growing trend, play it safe and exhaust all other alternatives before deciding to put your vision at risk. There are a number of mascaras that can be used to get the color that you want. Cosmetic counters even carry special brow color that comes in a tube and can be easily applied without any harm to your eyes.  


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