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How to Make an Easy Faux-Hawk

How to Make an Easy Faux-HawkA faux-hawk is a hairstyle that emulates the Mohawk without requiring the wearer to shave the sides of his or her head. The faux-hawk is a unisex style sported by men and women, and can be styled on long or short hair (although it really only works for guys when the hair is short).


A faux-hawk with long hair blends rock-and-roll punk flavor with classic elegance and style due to the way the hair is swept up on the sides of the head. It can modernize a vintage dress and create a bit of edge to an otherwise overly soft and demure look. The short faux-hawk allows women and men to have fun on the weekends or at night on the town while being able to still appear professional and conservative on the job. The faux-hawk can liberate your style because it allows anyone to utilize a style for a night they may not be ready to sport everyday, but will have a great time wearing occasionally.


Long Hair

1. Do not wash your hair directly before styling a faux-hawk, especially if your hair is soft and fine. Apply some thick styling product to the sides of your hair with the palms of your hands. Styling paste or glue will work best to keep your faux-hawk in place.

2. Use a bristle brush to help you make a high ponytail with the top 2/3 of your hair. Leave the front section of hair that creates the hairline on your forehead out of the ponytail.

3. Make a ponytail directly under the first ponytail with the bottom portion of your hair.

4. Tease the front section of hair with a fine-toothed comb for volume. This creates the height in the faux-hawk. Gently brush the hair back, smoothing the front, and push it forward making the front stand up. Secure with bobby pins.

5. Finish this look with a strong hairspray, and by using a mirror to see how the back looks.


Short Hair

1. The first step of making a faux-hawk with short hair is the same as making one with long hair. You may opt to coat the hair evenly with product however for better hold.

2. Use your hands to make your hair stand up straight. Pull hair from the roots. If your hair is thin, tease it to help maintain volume. Smooth the hair on the sides. Use a curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer to help if needed.

3. Smooth, and finish with a strong hold hairspray. Aerosol sprays make sure the look doesn’t fall, and choose a spray that is not too heavy for thin hair.


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