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Hair Cutting Tips for African American Women

Hair Cutting Tips for African American WomenAre you hiding under a scarf or hat more often these days? Is that head of hair getting harder to style? If your old do is sporting a lot of split ends and damage, there is little that you can do to resuscitate it, short of a hair cut. Perhaps itís time for a visit to your stylist to indulge in a new do that will be fun and easy to style once again. But donít head to the salon without an idea of what you want and how you can get it. Follow these tips to get the exact hair cut that you want.


The first step is in finding a stylist, if you donít already have one. The best way to find a stylist that will give you what you want is to ask people who have similar hair texture to yours where they go for cuts. This will ensure that you find a stylist who is experienced working with African American hair and its unique needs.   Once you have located the right salon and stylist, make sure that you communicate your desires for your new cut clearly, to ensure that you do indeed get the style that you are hoping for.


African American Hair Styles

If you are searching for a new look, there is plenty to choose from in the world of African American hairstyles. You can go short and sassy, but talk to your stylist about using a razor to cut rather than scissors for a short, choppy look that is in today. Dreadlocks are a popular choice as well, but since they are difficult to remove once they are in, be prepared for a commitment to this style. Other styles may require chemical treatments to get the look you want. Talk to your stylist before relaxing, perming or coloring your hair, since these processes can be hard of fragile hair like yours. It is important to find a style that will work with the natural tendency of your hair, since the more you have to work with your strands, the greater the likelihood of breakage. Your stylist should be able to help you find a style that will work well with your hair type.


Keep in mind that since black hair tends to be more fragile, most stylists will want it freshly washed, and will generally opt to cut this hair wet rather than dry. You can wash and wear it to your salon, but the products that your salon uses for a shampoo might be just what the doctor needed to revive tired locks. Itís your call, but just know that your hair will need to be clean and wet to get the proper cut.


Once youíve got the style you were hoping for, take care of it properly to prevent breakage and damage. Always use a wide-toothed comb on black hair Ė never a brush unless absolutely necessary. Try not to shampoo more than once or twice a week, unless your hair is very oily, to prevent additional damage. Always use a leave-in conditioner, and add a hot oil treatment once a month to ensure that your hair remains manageable. With the right cut and the proper care, your hair will always give you its best.


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