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Tips for Using Heat on Your Hair

Tips for Using Heat on Your HairHeat causes your healthy hair cuticles to open leaving them dry and weak. This can cause the cuticles to be uplifted causing dull lifeless hair or it can cause the cuticle to be practically destroyed. Heat styling tools like curling irons and flat irons soften the hair`s protein called keratin, further weakening the hair. Limit the damage you do to your hair when using heat to style by following these tips.


Wait until your Hair has Completely Air Dried to Blow Dry or use Heat to Style

Blow drying, using a curling iron or flat ironing your hair when it is wet robs your hair from being able to soak in the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Let your hair dry completely before adding heat to lessen the damage it will do to your locks.


Blow Dry Hair on the Coolest Setting

If you must blow dry your hair, use the coolest setting on your blow dryer. It may take longer for your hair to dry, but you will achieve less frizzy results and your hair will retain more of its moisture and less cuticle damage.


Rinse your Hair with Cool Water Before Using Heat

Close your hair cuticles by rinsing with tepid to cool water as your final rinse after washing your hair. This last cool rinse will help lock in moisture and prepare your tresses for heat.


Keep your Blow Dryer far Enough Away from your Hair

Don`t allow the dryer to get too close to your hair to avoid overheating. Keep your blow dryer at least 15 centimeters from your hair at all times. Constantly move the dryer to evenly distribute the heat through your hair.


Do not Leave Heating Tools on your Hair for a Prolonged Time

It may be tempting to hold your straight hair in the curling iron for 5 minutes until your hair is steaming and you are absolutely sure the curl has taken, but resist the temptation. If you allow your hair to get too hot, you can actually boil the water locked inside of your hair causing the cuticle to permanently rupture ending in hair that breaks off easily. Run heating tools through your hair briefly, and use patience when trying to get a style to hold with heat.


Use a Thermal Protector on your Hair

Purchase a thermal protector spray that can be applied to the hair before using heat to protect the hair cuticle and prevent heat damage. Thermal protectors can be purchased at salons and drugstore, as well as online.


Consider an Ionic Hair Dryer

Bathe hair in negative ions to destroy water molecules and get rid of positive ions that can damage your hair. They are expensive, but may be worth the lack of damage and they cut drying time down considerably.


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