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How to Layer Your Hair

How to Layer Your HairSometimes itís just easier to cut your own hair when you donít have the money or time to get to a salon and while a simple cut may be easy enough to do, it can become boring after so long. If youíre already comfortable with the basics of cutting hair, youíre probably ready for something new. Layers can add pizzazz to just about any hair type. They can create volume and help tame frizz. Want to add layers to your own hair? Hereís how:


The Cut

   Begin with clean, slightly damp hair. Run a comb through your hair to remove any tangles it may have.

   Decide where you want to add the layers and then take a small section of where you want the layers to begin and comb it smooth.

   Next, place the section of hair in between your first and third fingers using the hand you wonít be cutting with.

   Slide your fingers up towards the ends until about a 1/8 inch remains and then make an even cut straight across.

   Continue cutting with the same technique until you have the desired look that you want for the rest of your hair.

   If you want side angles, be sure to angle your first and third fingers so that they follow the angle of your hair.

   Depending on how long or short you want your layers to be, you may want to cut a little more than 1/8 inch or a little less. Just be careful not to cut too much off. Itís always better to take a little at first and then go back and take a little more if you need to.

   If you want to add layers to the back of your hair, you can either have a friend help you or you can set up a couple of mirrors so that youíre able to look into the main mirror and see a mirror back behind your head.


The Results

If you want to make sure that your cutting your hair correctly, look to see that the layering is even on the sides and back while it is still wet. You can do this by taking a strand from each side and pulling it towards your chin. The two strands should be even with each other. Once your hair has dried, look to see that your hair falls into place. If not, then your layers need to be corrected.


Different Hair Types

   If you have fine hair, cut the layers in the direction of hairís growth to give the hair some fullness.

   If you have very think hair, try short layers to give your hair some shape and disguise hairís bulk.

   For curly hair layers are definitely a plus. They can help tame frizz and add life back to your curls.


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