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How to Permanently Straighten Curly Hair

Japanese Hair Straightening

straight hair Every curly-headed girl has dreamed of having flowing straight hair, the kind your knight in shining armor can run his hands through. But then you wake up and remember that said knightís heroic hands would get stuck at the start of the first ringlet. You can blow dry your hair straight and make a date with your friend that flat iron on any given day. But maybe youíre interested in a longer term solution. Thermal hair straightening, a.k.a. Japanese hair straightening may be you answer. But, youíd better get your knight to pony up, because this process runs from $500-$1000.


Thermal hair straightening differs from the hair relaxing process used primarily on African Americans.  Thermal hair straightening is often not recommended for African hair types and may not be effective on hair with highlights. It is an expensive, several hour process that includes applications of chemicals to your hair that reach high heats. However, a lot of people love the long-term results.


The basic process includes a pre-conditioner and then the application of hair relaxer in stages.  Intermittently, the stylist applies heat and uses a flat iron to straighten the hair. After several hours, your hair ends up very straight. And the results last for several months. In the meantime, you may have to revisit your salon to apply the process to new hair growth. However, this process is cheaper and doesnít take as long.


Before you get your hair straightened this way, talk with some stylists and understand the risks. Some say that thermal hair straightening actually makes your hair healthier. Sure, it changes the look and texture of your hair, making it long and silky. But thatís just an image of healthy hair most of us have had instilled in us. Your curly hair is just as healthy even if it doesnít flow down your back like a glassy waterfall.    


Any chemical process can result in damage to your hair. A skilled and qualified stylist can help minimize any damage and recommend methods for keeping your hair healthy. Also, ask a stylist for a free consultation to see if thermal hair straightening is right for your hair.


Once youíve straightened your hair, condition it frequently with deep conditioning. (You donít need expensive shampoos and conditioners for this). Also, protect it from the sun and UV rays with SPF spray.


Although thermal hair straightening has some risks, if you carefully choose a salon and treat your hair well, you wonít be able to argue with the results. Youíll be able to have straight hair for as long as you like.


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