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How to Wear Headbands this Winter

How to Wear Headbands this WinterHeadbands have been around for so long you’d be hard pressed to find any length of time in the last centuries where they weren’t in-style. This long-standing trend looks great on any hairstyle so it has not only stayed popular, but it’s function is well- loved as a quick and easy option for rushed mornings, windy days or late nights when your hair needs a little styling without completely redoing it.


This winter is no exception when it comes to being in style with a headband. These are a few of our favorites and the best ways to wear them. The plastic headband is worn best on bobbed cuts or above the shoulder length hair. Choose a band that is 1 – 2 inches thick. Brush your hair back into smooth waves or until it’s sleek and straight. Slide the band straight back to pull hair off your forehead. Tease the hair behind the band for a ‘60s poof.


Wire headbands are super stylish, but many do not actually hold your hair well. They are more of an accessory than a functional hair tool. To wear wire bands, pull your hair back into a loose bun and spritz the front with holding spray. Slide the band to the middle of your head where a tiara would sit.


The wrap band is one of the most versatile and most popular today. It is seen everywhere where there are girls with long hair. A wrap headband can either be a scarf or a headband with a scarf attached which ties under the back of the hair. To be in-step with this winters’ trend, tie the wrap band either on top of or underneath a low, loose, curly pony. The ends of the scarf are as much a fashion statement as the band itself so show them off. Also included in this category are the smaller satin bands that extend the satin ribbon that is attached to the headband under the hair behind your head. Tie the ribbon in a bow for a sweet and innocent look. Smoothed hair looks best in this style. Curls are also very attractive tied up in a wrap band.


The elastic band has gone from a favorite at the gym to a fashionable option even in the office. These range from super skinny elastics to ¼” cotton/elastic blends to super wide strips. The thinner elastics look best on medium to long hair. To wear them, smooth hair back and slide the band just behind the hairline. These are worn close to the forehead and work very well with pony tails or messy buns worn high on the head. Wider bands are a throwback to the late ‘60s, early ‘70s. To wear these, slide them so that the bottom rests on the hairline. Tease all the hair behind the band then smooth.


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