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Six Steps To Smooth Straight Hair

Six Steps To Smooth Straight HairYou see them on the red carpet and in every entertainment magazine there is – women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Courteney Cox – and their hair seems so naturally smooth and straight. No frizz anywhere! OK, so they each have legions of stylists, magazines all have photo editors and airbrushes and how much frizz could you really see on TV anyway?


But what about those women you see in the grocery store or at the mall whose hair just seems to shimmer and move like a shampoo commercial? Maybe they just came from a salon. But if they did, what are they doing in the express line with laundry detergent and dog food? They must have done it at home… surely they must have some professional training… curse those beauty school dropouts!


Or maybe it really is easier than you think to achieve that frizz-free straight look. Here are six simple steps you can try at home with a minimum investment of time and money.


Step 1:

Blot your hair dry with a towel. Working with thin strands only, lightly coat your hair with a styling product. Use a mousse for a soft hold or a light gel for a stronger, sleeker hold. Resist the silicone serums at this point. Save them for last.


Step 2:

Don’t reach for the blow dryer right away. Multi-task. If it’s first thing in the morning, go make some coffee or make breakfast while your hair air dries. If you start styling when your hair is too wet, you’ll only get frustrated – and who wants that? Wait until your hair is only damp before unleashing the blow dryer.


Step 3:

If your hairline is done well, everything else can slide, so start up front. If you have bangs, comb them forward and blow them dry. Hold them tightly in your fingers and start drying at the roots, working your way out to the ends. Repeat as needed for your entire hairline and then lightly brush through it.


Step 4:

Here is where a lot of women rush and find themselves unhappy with he results. Take the time to separate your hair into for or five sections. Detangle each section with a wide-tooth comb and then clip all but one section up. Using a large round brush, pull the loose section taut and toward the floor, rolling it either out or under at the end. Follow your brushing motion with your blow dryer, keeping the nozzle a few inches away from the brush and pointed down at the floor to keep your hair flat and smooth. Repeat this process with each section, being sure to roll some sections in and others out to keep the finished product from looking too uniform.


Step 5:

Now that your hair is completely dry, press small sections of your hair with your flat iron, starting at the root and working your way outward. Don’t rush and try to iron too much hair at the same time – it will actually take you longer that way and the results won’t be as good.


Step 6:

Silicone serums and creams are great products that can give your hair a healthy shine and help control frizz and split ends. But just like most hair care products, less is more. Too much can weigh your hair down or make it look slimy instead of shiny. A drop or two should be all you need – only on the ends and only after you’ve finished styling.


Now go hit the town, the books, the office or the grocery store – but wherever you go, give you hair a little toss and watch the reactions!


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