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Tips to Take Care of Winter Hair

Tips to Take Care of Winter HairFreezing cold temperatures, excessive winds, snow and rain can all wreak havoc on our hair this winter. As the seasons change, so does the amount of moisture in the air and the amount of moisture in your hair. Dry heat at home or in the workplace can also adversely affect your hair during the winter months. Try a few of these tips to help take the edge off of the winter blast on your hair.


1. Dry Hair Thoroughly Before Braving Winter Weather Conditions

Wet hair leads very quickly to frozen hair. Frozen hair leads to breakage and stress. It is important for the health of your hair and your scalp to make sure the ice stays where it should outside, and not in your hair. Blow dry your hair thoroughly to avoid breakage due to freezing, or towel dry and allow to air dry for 30 to 45 minutes before entering freezing temperature. Every hair type dries at a different rate, so run your fingers through your hair to make sure it is evenly dry.


2. Cover Damp Hair to Keep it from Being Exposed to the Elements

Styling products all contain water. Gel, mousse, hairspray and other styling products can and will freeze during the winter months. Be sure to wrap your newly set locks with a stocking cap, hood, or scarf before letting the winter air get to them, and for the best winter protection wait until they dry to go outside.


3. Protect Long Hair by Wearing it up

Keep your long hair from being damaged by whipping in the wind. Utilize clean-swept up-does during the winter to protect your hair from damage.


4. Consider Utilizing a Hat as Fashionable Hair Protection

A hat is a great way to be able to protect your hair and wear an accessory you might not normally wear. Fashion long hair in a low style so that the hat does not have trouble fitting on, and donít worry about having to check your hair constantly because it is under control.


5. Shampoo Less if you Experience Excessive Breakage

Do you notice hair in the drain during the winter months when you never do while it is warm? Donít worry; it is common for hair to break off more due to the dry winter months drying out your hair. One way to keep some of the natural oils in your hair during the winter is to wash the hair less. Try washing with shampoo only once a week, and simply rinse and condition regularly.


6. Use Hot Oil to Fight the Effects of the Cold on your Hair

Hot oil treatments are effective conditioners that can help re-hydrate your hair from heating systems and windy conditions. Try a natural hot oil solution like jojoba oil for cold weather hair help.


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