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Tea for Your Hair

tea for hairThe last time you relaxed and enjoyed a good cup of tea, you probably did not consider the fact that what fills your tea cup could be as good for your hair as it is for your mind state. It is as easy as steeping a simple cup to give your hair a quick herbal treatment. Sometimes your hair needs a break from the harsh chemicals of commercial hair products. Tea for your hair is the perfect solution to be able to give your hair a break, while also giving it a powerful natural beauty treatment. The next time you are brewing up a cup of tea for yourself, consider one of these varieties for your hair, and enjoy the benefits of tea twice over.  


Chamomile Highlighting Hair Rinse

This rinse works especially well on blonde hair. Steep 1/3 cup dried chamomile flowers in one quart of hot water until cool. Strain, and pour repeatedly over hair. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse. Chamomile also has a soothing effect on the skin and eyes, making the rinse beneficial for your whole head!


Sage Tea Darkening Treatment

This treatment can be used to naturally darken the hair. Make an infusion of 1/2 cup of dry sage leaves in 2 cups of water, and steep for 2 hours. Strain, and pour over hair.   Leave tea on hair for hour, and rinse. This treatment is an ideal natural treatment to help cover grey hair. Use daily for best results, and utilize weekly for maintenance. Sage is an astringent, and is also used in facial steams and skin conditioners.


Rosemary Growth Rinse        

Rosemary is known to stimulate hair growth. A rinse made up of 1/4 cup of dried rosemary steeped in 2 cups of boiling water until tepid can be used as a treatment for thinning hair. Rosemary is also used to battle against dandruff.


Sage & Rosemary Tea Colorant

For an even stronger, more effective color treatment, combine cup of sage with cup of rosemary and steep in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain, and use the liquid as a colorant for grey, or to darken brown hair. You will get the benefits of hair softening sage and dandruff fighting rosemary, while also stimulating hair growth.


Lovely Lavender Hair Treatment

For healthy, glossy, beautiful smelling hair try simmering cup of dried lavender in 2 cups of water and rinsing. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse for a fragrant and effective dandruff treatment.

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