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How to Handle Thick, Curly or Unruly Hair

How to Handle Thick, Curly or Unruly HairNot everyone is born with a perfect head of hair. For those of you with thick, curly or truly unruly hair, getting your strands under control on a daily basis can become quite a battle. Luckily, there are ways to tame your tresses that can save you time and frustrationÖnot to mention that youíll look great, too!


Thick Hair

You definitely have genetics to thank (or blame) when it comes to dealing with thick hair. This type of hair is tough to control because thereís so much hair to work with. Curling, braiding or even brushing thick hair can take hoursótime you donít have when getting ready in the mornings or before heading out to an event in the evening. One of the main characteristics of thick hair is its tendency to be pouffy. To keep it under control, use a hydrating leave-in conditioner once a week. This will moisturize your hair and hold it down without creating harmful buildup on your scalp. When your hair is wet, use a pick instead of a brush or comb to brush your hair while it is wet. The pick will help you avoid getting split ends.


Because washing out shampoo and conditioners can take forever with thick hair, wash your hair at night and style it before going to bed, whether itís braided or set with rollers. When you wake up in the morning, your hair will be ready to go and may only need a few minutes of touching up before heading out the door. If you simply cannot stand your thick hair, consult with a hair stylist about cutting your hair. Long layers tend to help shape and keep thick hair looking good without a lot of fuss. But be careful about cutting your hair too short. Thick, short hair tends to be pouffy central and can end up making your head look like a mushroom.  


Curly Hair

The problem with curly hair is that it gets frizzy. In order to maintain curls that donít look like you just woke up, youíll need to take extra time when you shampoo and condition. There are a number of high quality hair care products that control frizz so be sure to use these kinds of products when dealing with your hair. When using a leave-in conditioner, use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the conditioner from roots to ends. Keep as much moisture in your hair as possibleóitís the lack of moisture that causes frizz. Be sure to use a detangling spray and gel to shape your hair and use your fingers to gently scrunch your curls. Blow-drying can make frizz worse so air-dry your hair whenever possible. Pomades also work wonders for taming curly hair in a way that keeps its natural shape while adding shine and bounce.


Unruly Hair

For hair that is absolutely out of control, certain cuts and styles can make unruly hair easier to maintain on a daily basis so talk to your stylist about what styles would look best on you. Straightening your hair is also an option if youíre tired of fighting with your hair. This type of process is best when done at a salon by a professional stylist.  


Knowing what hair styling tools to use on thick, curly and unruly hair is also vital in treating your tresses right. These hair types work best using wide-toothed combs and large round brushes. The best tool by far, however, is using your own fingers.


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