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Does Vaseline Really Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer?

Does Vaseline Really Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer?One beauty secret that is starting to make waves is the idea of applying Vaseline to eyelashes to make them grow longer. Some live by this method while others are skeptical. A few who have tried it saw no difference. So whatís the deal? Vaseline can do a lot of things but can it really give you fuller, thicker lashes?


Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, has been used in households for years. Vaseline works well as a moisturizer and has also been used in cosmetics and natural hair care. No one knows when the combination of Vaseline and eyelashes came into existence or who came up with the idea, but for those with naturally short or brittle lashes, this beauty secret is a dream come true.


Itís hard to say outright whether Vaseline can make eyelashes grow longer or not. Because the results are so up in the air, it would be safer to say that this method varies from person to person. Regardless of whether your lashes grow longer or not, what the use of Vaseline can do, however, is provide excellent conditioning and moisturization for lashes that are dry and brittle. Itís a fact that as we get older, our eyelashes shed each day and are replaced with new lashes - like the hair on our head. Applying Vaseline to your eyelashes helps strengthen them and when the old lashes fall out, the presence of Vaseline helps the newer ones grow in thicker and, in some cases, longer.  


The great thing about this method is that it doesnít cost an arm and a leg. The only thing youíll need is a jar of regular petroleum jelly. You can apply the Vaseline with either your fingers or using a clean and unused mascara wand. Only a light coat is needed. Dab some Vaseline on your finger or roll a light amount onto the mascara wand and gently graze it over your lashes. The best time to do this method is at night before you go to bed. There isnít anything wrong with wearing Vaseline during the day but applying it at night makes it less likely for you to rub it off during the day and frees you up to wear mascara (these two shouldnít be mixed together). Wash off the Vaseline when you wake up and youíre set to go!  


In order to see results, you have to apply the Vaseline every night, not two or three nights out of the week. For some people it takes a few weeks to see a change, while for others it takes a few months. Even if your lashes donít grow very long, the Vaseline will do a good job of making sure your lashes are shiny, healthy and strong.


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