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Expensive vs. Inexpensive Makeup Products

Expensive vs. Inexpensive Makeup ProductsYouíre at a cosmetics counter in a department store, wondering if you should shell out $25 for mascara when you usually buy one from a drug store. Or youíre in a drugstore and despite the yellowish glare from the fluorescent lights, you patiently try to find a foundation thatís an exact match to your skin tone. Makeup products nowadays have evolved and are almost interchangeable Ė some drugstore products are just as effective as department store types. Fashion magazines extol the use of both high end and low end products, and many women have a mixture of both types in their cosmetics collections.


Here are some tips to consider when contemplating the difference between expensive and inexpensive cosmetics:


Expensive Products


Better consistency and pigmentation, more effective coverage, textures can be light and sheer or provide maximum coverage, depending on individual preference. Makeup products that may be worth the extra amount include foundation, concealer and compact powder (especially to avoid choosing the wrong color and issues such as ashiness or discoloration), powder and creme eye shadow and blush (stronger pigmentation) and crème lipsticks.


Of course the obvious issue is the price, especially when they need frequent replacement.


Inexpensive Products


Ideal for products that are replaced more often, such as mascara, or for experimenting with bold, trendy colors (greens, blues, etc.). Products such as lip liner, eyeliner pencils, liquid eye shadow and lip-gloss are just as similar to department store products and wonít make a huge dent on the wallet.


Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Some consistencies turn thicker or discoloration occurs quicker than with department store products. Also, itís a trial and error process to find which products work best for you.


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