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Eye Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Eye Makeup Tips for Glasses WearersIf you wear glasses daily, that is no reason to neglect those beautiful eyes underneath the lenses. In fact, with the right makeup techniques safely tucked under your belt, your frames can show off the most alluring eyes on the block. There are some modifications that you can apply to your eye makeup routine to make it more conducive for your glasses. But before you get out your shadows and brushes, take a few minutes to observe how your eyes look behind your lenses. Do they tend to be magnified, making your eyes look larger, or does the size actually seem to diminish once those spectacles go on? Once you determine the size of your eyes behind your glasses, you can begin selecting the eye makeup products and techniques that you want to use.


A good, general rule of thumb for eyeglass wearers is that less tends to be more in the eye makeup department. The bolder and more colorful your frames tend to be, the more understated you should keep your makeup application. When you select shadows, opt for the cream versions when possible, rather than the powders. This way, you wonít have to worry about powdery flakes hitting your lenses during the day. Choose three shades of a color to highlight and add interest to your eye area. It is also a good idea to go for a waterproof mascara to prevent flaking or smudging as well. The right products will make all the difference in making the most of your eyes behind the glasses.


Makeup Application Tips

Begin by applying a coat of the lightest shade of shadow from the lid up to the brow bone. The medium shade will go over the lid area, and the darkest shade may vary, depending on how large or small your eyes look behind the lenses. Magnified eyes can handle a sweep of the darkest shade across the crease and socket area of the eye. Smaller eyes should be restricted to a smaller amount of this shade, across the socket in the outer corner of the eye only. Another good trick is to use a highlighter or white eyeliner to add a dot of lightener to the inner corner of the eye. This will effectively brighten and open up your eyes. Mascara should be limited to a coat or two. Beware of clumps or smudges, since these will be much more obvious under the glasses. Avoid eyeliner, unless you use a very subtle line of shadow that is well blended, since liner will look much starker under lenses.


Once your eye makeup is applied, be sure to blend it well, and inspect your eyes carefully for any cleanup or correction that might need to be done. Glasses will serve to amplify makeup boo-boos, so take care to keep your peepers looking their best!


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