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Fragrance-Free Makeup

Fragrance-Free MakeupMany makeup`s today are sold in drugstores or online that are “fragrance-free.” Fragrance Free means, simply, no chemicals were added to the face powders, foundations, mattes, lipsticks, blushes and creams, eye shadow, mascara and other products to sometimes decrease the product volume, thus inflating the price. Some women are multi-chemical sensitive, and this could be especially hard on women who’ve just had a baby or are expecting one.


A woman’s body chemically evolves over the course of her natural lifetime. Childbearing years, apart from the puberty years a woman experiences, are the most chemically altering - and challenging times - she can undergo. The makeup once worn in high school perhaps hasn’t changed much chemically, but she has. Chances are, to keep from triggering an unknown allergic reaction or if she’s unclear in which product to best suit her makeup needs, she`s got the option to look into


The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) doesn’t sanction or require safety data on additives used in beauty and personal-care. Products such as shampoos, cosmetics and hair dyes can have deceptively harmful components before they are put on the market, according to a report by the Environmental Working Group, the Breast Cancer Fund and other public-interest groups.


Skin Basics

This is a simple one, but to maintain a healthy glow - and you know your mother was right, admit it - drink plenty of water, eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest - and get out into the sun. Vitamin D is very healthy for you and it cheers you up to be in the sunshine.


The Pros:

Many fragrance free cosmetics have gone back to nature - literally. It was the American and Eastern Indians, who used oils from pressed olives, would employ this to keep skin supple and move through dangerous waters. Eskimos and Asians used much of their animals kills - blood, soot-blackened horns and ground bone to make a paste, as well as animal fats and its own oils, that a woman could use to emphasize her natural beauty - and write on the crowded hieroglyphic covered walls. Both these groups converted natural fruits and berries and collected honey for their tints. Today, many of these tints and eye enhances recreated by these first peoples can be found online. The products don’t contain sulfates, additives and other things that leave women ill allergic to them.


The Cons:

Fragrance free products can grow quite costly. Prices range from $13 for a basic lip gloss to $57 for pressed powder. And, unless it’s made from a complete fruit base, it it’s labeled “fragrance free,” check to see how ‘free’ that free is. It’s also plausible these products broke down and warped due to exposure somewhat. This may have an adverse reaction to your face and not look as fresh as it once had when first purchased.


And, speaking of breakdowns: a fragrance-free makeup or body product generally has half the shelf life of their chemically-enhanced cousins, which tend to be a waste for merchants to carry and stock these goods. Markup is. Generally speaking, almost half that of the other known brands - due in part, to recoup their losses in returned to vendor goods.


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