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Get Rock Star Eyes

Get Rock Star EyesWhether you want to be a rock star or just look like one, you canít deny that when it comes to makeup, rock stars really know how to do it. Known for their outrageous colors, dramatic flare, and layers of eye liner, rock star eyes are a great way to break out of the traditional eye makeup looks and are guaranteed to make you the center of attention for all the right reasons.


Without the eye makeup, no rock star would be complete so before you even think about attempting the rock star makeup look, youíll have to master applying your eye makeup. The great thing about doing this look is that you can choose virtually any shade of eye shadow - the brighter, the better. This means you can choose from pinks, purples, oranges, silvers, and blues, among many others. This is the time to show off the shades youíve got. Once youíve chosen your eye shadow color and three other complementary shades, itís time to start the application. Youíll want more than one eye shadow color so that you can create a look that starts with a lighter hue on the inside of your lids, to a medium shade on the first half of your lid, to a darker shade on the second half of your lid, and finally the darkest color on the outer area. Start with a good base and apply it all along your upper lid. Next, add a highlight color (white or silver) to the brow bone area and blend. Now take your first eye shadow color and use a brush to apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and blend outwards. Next, take your second color and blend it in slightly with your first color. Continue to gradually apply the color to the first half of your lid. Follow this up with your third color and blend it in with the second color and extend the color to the other half of your lid. Then take your final, darkest shade and blend it in thoroughly and sweep the color towards the outer edge of your lids. This final color should be black to add some edge. Use the same eye shadow brush to apply all your colors.


After your eye color has been applied and blended, add your highlight color and apply it with an angled brush to the brow area and blend. To add some rock star shine you can use glitter eye liner in place of regular liner. If that isnít enough shine for your eyes, top your liner with makeup glitter using a small, angled brush and work the glitter along your lash line. For the bottom lashes, use regular black liner to line your eyes and then follow up with black eye shadow (the same kind used on your outer lids) to add color to your lower lashes and smudge to eliminate harsh lines. Now add a touch of your third eye shadow color to the lower lash line and use an angled brush to smudge the color with the black eye shadow. This will create a halo of rock star colors around your eyes. The black will also help add some drama to your peepers and help balance out the crazy colors.


Now finish off your eyes by curling your lashes and adding mascara. For a true rock star look, top it off with a set of false lashes and youíll be ready to go! These application tips can be followed with any eye shadow color.


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