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Tips to Keep Your Makeup from Melting

Tips to Keep Your Makeup from MeltingNothing is worse than having your perfectly applied makeup come sliding right off once you get out into the sun. With the temperatures starting to heat up, just about every makeup loverís look is in jeopardy - but it doesnít have to be if you know the right way to keep your makeup on your face and off your clothes. The sun doesnít have to be your enemy.


The first thing to know is that you canít apply your makeup during the summer the same way you would any other season. This means youíll have to equip your makeup bag accordingly and switch up the way you apply your makeup. The first change you can make is to use lighter makeup colors, which are much easier to fix and deal with than darker shades. How many times have you been embarrassed by your dark eye shadow melting and getting caught in the creases of your eyelids? With neutral eye shadows, this issue is easier to conceal. Lighter shades are still prone to melting but hiding it and fixing the problem will be more convenient for you.


Another way to prolong your makeup look during warm weather is to apply a light layer of powder on your complexion before applying the rest of your makeup. This acts as a barrier on your skin against the heat, making it harder for your makeup to melt off right away. Carrying blotting paper with you in your makeup bag is also another way to catch any makeup melting mistakes. Remember to press the blotting paper firmly onto the shiny area - donít rub.


To keep your makeup from melting under the sunís rays, it helps to not have so much makeup on in the first place. The less you have on, the less likely it is to melt into an unsightly blob of colors. Skip on the foundation and stick to concealer for blemishes and other problem areas. Canít get away without foundation? Then turn to a good self-tanner or tinted moisturizer for a naturally sun-kissed look that wonít come off. Opt for waterproof mascara and donít go overboard with too many coats. One layer should be more than enough. For eye makeup, set it with a pressed powder instead of a loose powder. The heat tends to cause loose powder to melt quicker and can get all over the place. When using pressed powder, use a firm puff to gently press the powder over your eye shadow. This will provide a longer-lasting look without a lot of creasing.


For your lips, add a touch of powder before applying your lipstick. Doing this creates a matte look that will keep your lip color in place. After applying the powder and your lipstick, blot the color evenly using a tissue. To keep your lip pencils and eye pencils fresh and free from melting in your purse, store them in the freezer prior to using them. Pencils that are left in a makeup bag over time are already warm from the temperature inside the bag. Exposure to the sun outdoors can make them more susceptible to melting. Toss your makeup pencils in the freezer for 15 minutes before sharpening them as well so that they wonít crumble. Melted lipstick can also be saved by freezing it for 10-15 minutes before using it.


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